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May 29, 2014

From May 12th to 13th, Adam Software held one of their last “Adam Sync!” events in Brooklyn, New York–the event was part of a larger series of Sync events in both the United States and Europe that Adam Software held in April and May. The goal of the event was to bring current customers, prospective clients, and Adam Software integrators together to share case studies, best practices, and other insights. Sessions provided important information relating to not only digital asset management (DAM), but also important lessons for marketers looking to expand their digital marketing strategies. Here are some of the highlights from the event:

  • The second day of “Adam Sync!” began with a keynote speech by Pieter Casneuf, CEO and co-founder, of Adam Software. Mr. Casneuf set the tone for the rest of the event by demonstrating his belief that digital asset management should be thought of as rich media management for an improved customer experience. He also mentioned that the key to success for digital marketing is a closer relationship between Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer to ensure that the right software technology, asset management, and tracking are implemented for the best results of any digital marketing campaign.
  • ConceptShare’s CEO, Nish Patel, also addressed the crowd at a break out session during the day. Mr. Patel spoke about the importance of vendors being able to meet both market technology and compliance needs of an organization. In addition, Mr. Patel discussed the idea that productivity is better managed around the creation of assets, the earlier the work in progress (WIP) stage of an asset becomes; eventually marketing teams will consider WIP assets at the planning stage.
  • Another interesting session around how to properly use data and assets to reach customers was given by Greg Ecker, Senior IT Extended Services Consultant for Teradata.  Mr. Ecker emphasized the importance of avoiding the “creep factor” of using data to reach a perspective customer. When using data and targeted assets to reach customers it is important that the data collected and used is within context and relevant to the consumer in a way that does not give the impression that a consumer is “being watched.”


  • The “Adam Sync!” event also discussed the future of managed assets. While it is important to be aware of how to manage assets that are being used currently, preparing for the assets of the future allows organizations to be at the forefront of new marketing techniques. Adam Software believes that one of these future assets will be computer generated, or 3D, imagery. To demonstrate the importance of these assets the conference invited a representative from indg — a firm specializing in the generation of 3D images in visual asset production. According to indg, most major brands within the automotive, consumer electronics, retail, and home furnishing verticals are beginning to replace photography with 3D imagery. This migration from photography to 3D images is not wholly unexpected especially as marketing budgets have become tighter in the last few years and more enterprises are looking to expand use of technologies such as augmented reality.

Overall, the “Adam Sync!” event was informative and gave good perspective on the future of asset management and its importance as the foundation of any good software solution. It will be interesting to watch Adam Software grow and extend their reach–further development of their solutions could make the company an attractive target for acquisition. While the future looks strong for Adam Software and their partners, one thing is clear – as marketing departments look to purchase their next software solution, it is imperative that systemic workflows, infrastructure, and taxonomies are discussed and agreed upon as a team to ensure the success of implementation — after all, the backbone of any campaign is its collection of assets.

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