All I want for Christmas…

Carrie Sylvester
Dec 24, 2012

Although there are some BIG ticket items on people’s wish lists this holiday season, the Wii U, X box 360, tablets, and flat screen TVs. One of the most popular gifts on consumer’s wish list as well as items purchased for others is a digital camera.

Being an analyst that tracks not only camera phones but also digital cameras, I can attest that many friends are planning to purchase cameras for their kids and relatives as gifts. And many of my kids’ friends are asking for a camera under the tree. So you may ask, what is the best camera to buy this year? Well that’s a loaded question. The first questions you need: What do you want to spend, followed by what do you (or think they will) want to do with this camera? Once you get those two answers it gives a little direction. A camera that is pocketable or a fancy camera that makes you feel like a Pro? Does it need to be low priced or is price no object? Looking through the InfoTrends 2012 digital camera model tracker, we find that nearly 150 cameras were introduced and are great candidates for our wish lists and spending dollars.

2012 Camera Model Introductions by Brand

There is no shortage of models to choose from — point & shoots, interchangeable lens, or rugged waterproof cameras. There were 146 cameras priced between $110 and $3,500 (Average $476 MSRP) with resolution ranging from 14 MB to 36 MB (average resolution in 2012 was 16 MB) in 2012. Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Sony were the brands that topped the introductions this year but Panasonic and Olympus also introduced a respectable number of models this year.

Smart cameras running Android from Nikon (Coolpix S800c $349) and Samsung (Galaxy camera) are cameras that combine the camera and ability to download and use apps all on one device.

Budget-friendly cameras (under $200) were typically offered by Kodak in years passed. In 2012 the only cameras introduced under $200 were in the Canon PowerShot line and include 6 models all with 16 MP resolution and optical zooms ranging from 5x to 8x.

There were more than 30 models introduced that accept interchangeable lenses and inlcude traditional DSLRs and newer CILC models. These models range in price from $599 (Nikon J1) to $3,500 (Canon EOS-5D Mark III).

Although some will have dancing sugar plums in their heads tonight my dreams will be filled megapixels and filters, zooms and primes. Sending wishes for a happy holiday and healthy new year to all the InfoTrends readers and clients!

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