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Oct 7, 2014

Monday October 6th marked the beginning of the Adobe Max conference in downtown Los Angeles. Monday’s keynotes focused on announcements surrounding the Creative Cloud and new and improved mobile applications. Speakers from Monday’s keynotes included Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen , Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, and Adobe SVP and General Manager Digital Media David Wadhwani. Sessions included live demos of new products and further announcements detailing the continued partnership between Adobe and Microsoft. Here are just a few of the highlights from Monday’s keynote:

  • Creative Profile: One of the first announcements to come out during the keynote was the new Creative Profile. The Creative Profile allows for assets created throughout the Creative Cloud to be pushed to a user library which can then be accessed across all products on the Creative Cloud. This allows for better asset management for creatives and can be further enhanced by Adobe’s new cloud based collaboration tool that allows for designers to access each other’s Creative Profiles for specific projects or clients. This type of collaborative tool for creatives is something that has been lacking in the market and InfoTrends has seen an increased demand recently for such a tool.
  • Mobile Apps and SDK: Adobe also announced the release of three new tools, Adobe Brush, Adobe Shape, and Adobe Color CC — and many of the demos focused on the creative use of mobile devices. Many of the new releases have a user friendly focus – it is likely we will see a lower barrier to adoption of the Creative Cloud for entry level users.  According to David Wadhawani, Adobe’s mobile apps are designed so that “professionals want to use them and simple enough so anyone can.”
    • In addition to the Mobile Apps, Adobe officially announced their SDK for developers and the acquisition of Aviary, a popular photo editing developer used in many apps. While many creatives were impressed with new feature functions of the Creative Cloud, the SDK might be one of the more immediate impactful announcements to come from Monday’s keynote since it allows a broader context for Adobe tools and can travel across many devices. SDKs can help to bridge the gap between designer and developer.
  • Value-Add Services: In addition to all the new features and products announced at Adobe Max on day one, Adobe also announced they are experimenting further with the value-added services model. Through a closer relationship with Behance, a creative portfolio community and service, Adobe has announced Talent Search — a hub that gives employeers the ability to search the large network of Behance creatives for possible job recruitment. Adobe hopes that this new value-add service will allow for a more streamlined approach to creative job searching
  • Partnership with Microsoft: One surprise visitor to the stage at Adobe Max was Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who along with Adobe President and CEO Shantanu Narayen announced the growing partnership of Microsoft and Adobe. There were demos of Adobe Illustrator being used in conjunction with a Microsoft Surface tablet that allows for more direct touch features when using the hardware and software together. Although still in the development stages, the presenters showed off new integration with the Xbox Kinect that enables motion-sensored design.

With more announcements to come in the next two days it will be interesting to see how creative- and device-based silos are broken down.

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