Adobe Expands eSign Capabilities and Partnerships

Allison Correia
Oct 13, 2015

In April 2015, Adobe launched Adobe Document Cloud, their newest cloud offering, giving users the ability to manage documents at home, and in the office across devices. With this launch several upgrades were made to Acrobat DC, new Mobile Link and mobile apps were made available, and eSign Services (formerly Adobe EchoSign) were released packaged with every subscription of Acrobat DC.

Additional Features to Adobe Document Cloud

This week, Adobe has announced several new capabilities and partnerships for Adobe Document Cloud. Upgrades to the solution include: new drag-and-drop Workflow Designer that visually creates easy-to-follow workflow templates for senders to follow a consistent signing process, Digital Signatures incorporated into Adobe eSign services to enable compliance with advanced signing requirements in the EU and regulated industries, and additional Enterprise-class control offering new options that eliminate extra steps and get signing done faster. Adobe is the only global provider to enable people to validate European signatures through the support of the European Trusted Lists (EUTL), now available in Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Adobe eSign Manager DC, a mobile app companion for Document Cloud eSign Services and Acrobat DC, also now includes additional features including Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) to securely manage users’ Document Cloud mobile apps and devices, Signature Capture that enables the use of mobile device cameras to take a photo of handwritten signatures once to then use to sign documents several times, and Signature Sync to provide users with access to their signature image across web, mobile and desktop experiences with automatic synchronization.

New Partnerships

Adobe announced a partnership with Dropbox, allowing Adobe to integrate their applications and services on mobile devices, desktop and the Web, enabling customers of Adobe Acrobat DC and Adobe Acrobat Reader to access and take common actions on over 18 billion PDF files stored in Dropbox directing within Adobe apps from the Dropbox website, iOS app, or Android app.

Adobe also announced expanded partner integrations with Workday, Salesforce and Ariba, making it easier for organizations to quickly add e-signing capabilities to their existing HR, sales, procurement, and legal systems. The integration with Workday provides customers that purchase Adobe eSign services with the ability to add e-signatures to over 400 business processes across the entire Workday application suite. The latest eSign services are native on the Salesforce Platform and fully certified with the Lightening app builder framework, delivering an easy-to-use setup wizard, and automated common tasks like adding product lists to agreements, and support of certificate-based digital signatures. Also, with eSign services Ariba integration, users are able to add multiple signers, define signing order and verify signers with multi-factor authentication.

InfoTrends is constantly studying business process automation trends, and although in some industries the adoption is slower than others, we recognize that organizations are participating in a shift from paper to digital processes. Adobe is addressing this digital transformation with Document Cloud’s eSign capabilities, digital signatures, and mobile functionality. These solutions will help organizations streamline their business processes so they can function more efficiently, for example by eliminating paperwork associated with securing hard copy signatures. Adobe’s strategic expanded partnerships and integrations will also help customers utilize Adobe Document Cloud in conjunction with other platforms they already highly use. We look forward to seeing more from Adobe as they continue to address customers’ desires to further automate their processes and move forward in this digital world.


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