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Apr 4, 2014

Presto - mobile printingRecently, Silicon Valley-based Collobos Software introduced Presto 1.5, an enterprise mobile printing solution. InfoTrends spoke to Collobos CEO/CTO Scott Herscher and CMO Lanny Berg to discuss their product’s capabilities and pricing as well as their corporate strategy. 

What is Presto for?

According to the Collobos team, many IT departments have had a hard time connecting all of their mobile users to printers. They found that the tools that work for desktops do not work for mobile or cannot accommodate the enterprise scale, and many solutions are expensive or complicated to use and configure. In answer, Collobos transformed its former consumer product, FingerPrint, into Presto, a user-friendly solution for enterprise and campuses.

How does it work?

Presto is software-based and works with existing software and hardware, enabling remote set-up, configuration, and deployment. The solution supports printing from iOS, Android, and Chrome OS from anywhere on the network, and is compatible with AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. According to Collobos, the offering is different from most products in this space because it implements Wide Area DNS Service Discovery.

Presto is a secure solution as it does not send any jobs to the cloud; it can also be configured to require authenticated printing. Presto reduces friction within an organization by providing a simple solution that satisfies system administrators, financial decision makers, legal departments and end users.

How much does it cost?

Presto has two pricing models: Small Office Home Office (SOHO) for $1.95 per month/$19.95 per year, per server, and Enterprise for $340 per year per server, or roughly $1 per day. Interestingly enough, the company originally offered a free version, but did away with this offering when users did not upgrade to the paid versions. Nevertheless, with Collobos now accommodating SMB and Enterprise rather than the individual user, its pricing structure is more appropriate.

Who uses it?

Collobos has a regularly updated blog where it showcases some of its new user stories, including its relationships with Just Veggies, a South African farming company, and Austique, a boutique clothing retailer in the U.K.

The owners of Just Veggies exclusively use iPads to run their businesses, and found that the Presto printing solution outweighed the effort and cost of purchasing a new printer to accommodate iOS printing.

Austique began using Presto to facilitate printing receipts to its thermal receipt printer from Safari. Once the company began using a cloud-based retail software infrastructure, it realized it could not function without an effective mobile printing solution.

Anything else?

Collobos recently announced it is partnering with PaperCut, a leading print management solution, to integrate Presto into its offering. Collobos is also working with other unnamed leading print management solutions on integrations.

The company is working towards growing its business through various channel partnerships, and believes its product solves more problems than any of its competitors at a reasonable price for enterprise (less than $1 per day).

InfoTrends’ Opinion

From the consumer perspective, we have seen the advances in mobile printing on iOS7 and the Android Kit Kat platform improve the simplicity of mobile printing in the home, and hopefully we will see some increased print in that environment.  In the enterprise, the experience today is not so simple, plus the amount of solutions and the noise around mobile printing in the enterprise is probably confusing these customers even more.  Mobile printing shouldn’t be so difficult in the enterprise, that is the message we are hearing from Collobos.  They claim Presto provides that same simplicity of mobile printing in the enterprise especially with mixed device environments, both on the OS and the output side.

Although we at InfoTrends have not yet tested the solution, Collobos is giving us the opportunity to see for ourselves if their claim holds true.  The results are for another blog. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing more from Collobos and seeing the product’s presence grow within the marketplace to make mobile print easier for the enterprise.


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