A New Market Segmentation for Capture-enabled Devices

Ed Lee
Sep 23, 2013

Excerpt from Digital Imaging Reporter’s State of the Industry 2013

More than ever before, consumers love to take photos. InfoTrends forecasts that cameras and phones will capture over 125 billion photos in the U.S. this year. While the photography market is certainly not going away, how consumers use their cameras and what they do with their images is changing. Moving forward, InfoTrends sees the capture market dividing into four segments.

Like a good home-cooked meal, Slow Photography is where the creation and capture of the photo is enjoyed as much as the photo itself. This segment appeals to consumers who like photography and for whom high-quality image capture is very important. Digital cameras play here and it remains a very valuable market.

Like fast food, Fast Photography involves quick creation and consumption. The value of these photos is fleeting, with most used for immediate social and communication purposes. This segment appeals to social media users and those who want to share moments with friends and family. Today’s mobile devices play in this segment.

Consumers who capture occasional photos for memory-keeping purposes typify the Casual Photography segment. Photography is not high on their list of interests. People who rarely take photos and snapshot photographers fall into this segment.

Intelligent Photography is the market’s new horizon. It will offer diverse use scenarios and substantial opportunities for innovation. This segment will blend high image quality expectations with the need for social and memory-keeping purposes. Metadata and image analysis will be used to intelligently direct “smart” cameras, phones and services on what to do with the captured photos. New devices, like heads up displays, will also emerge that use images in the communication process. To remain relevant, InfoTrends believes that all imaging vendors should seek to carve out a position in this segment.

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New Capture-Enabled Devices Market Segmentation


If you are interested in learning more about our views of the capture market, read more in Capture-enabled Devices: A New Market Segmentation Insight report (DPT client login required). Non-clients can contact Matt O’Keefe at matt.okeefe@infotrends.com for more information.

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