A new branding for Zumbox in 2012

Matt Swain
Feb 13, 2012

I presented at the Zumbox Advisory Board meeting in Napa last week and took the opportunity to catch up with the Zumbox team. If you are not familiar with Zumbox, it is a cloud-based, digital postal mail system replacing physical mail with a closed, secure, and interactive communications channel providing value to businesses and consumers. It delivers exact facsimiles of paper documents with features that include tracking, targeting, and campaign management integration. The Figure below provides a view of what the Zumbox user experience looks like on different media.

Digital Postal Mail, Powered by Zumbox

Here are a few important points from my discussion:

  • Extensive active reseller network. Zumbox’s active reseller network reaches 7,500 businesses that represent 4 billion mailings per year.
  • Increased user engagement. User engagement increased 3X in early 2012 due to added functionality, including bill payment support.
  • Encouraging paperless conversion rates. Zumbox is witnessing paperless conversion rates 2-3 times industry standards.
  • Introduction of bill payment support. Zumbox added support for consumer bill payment services including Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, HSBC, Keybank, Wachovia & Wells Fargo while also allowing the consumer to access bill payment directly through the biller’s website.
  • Working with marketing agencies. Zumbox is beginning to work with agencies to design strategies around digital direct mail that leverage the Zumbox business model.
  • Moving beyond bills and statements. Zumbox is actively working to deliver new categories of documents, including policies, catalogs, and direct mail. For instance, they have established partnerships with Catalog Choice, Recyclebank, and announced a partnership with Western National Insurance today in conjunction with DST Output. Also, stay tuned for developments out of Zumbox’s partnership with Computershare, where users can receive shareholder communications that enable proxy voting directly through the service.

Potentially the most notable change for Zumbox in 2012 will be their rebranding. The business and consumer-facing logo will transition from the traditional “Zumbox” logo and will become “Digital Postal Mail, Powered by Zumbox.” Here is what the new logo looks like:

Note that the emphasis has been taken off of the name Zumbox. By placing the focus on “digital postal mail,” Zumbox’s service will benefit from a more intuitive name, while also positioning the company for easier market acceptance (Zumbox owns the rights to www.digitalpostalmail.com).

Zumbox CEO, John Payne, summed up their progress well when he noted “2010 marked the introduction of the Zumbox digital postal mail platform, then we spent 2011 building out the integrations with our service bureau partners, and 2012 will be all about scaling. We think that the Digital Postal Mail branding will allow us to scale faster.” In fact, Zumbox is distributing a sales and marketing toolkit to help businesses promote the availability of Digital Postal Mail (powered by Zumbox) to their customers. I have included a direct link to that toolkit here.

InfoTrends research has shown that 84% of businesses have an online presence with customer login, but only an average of 36% of their customers have created an online account. Being tied to the physical address, the Zumbox model is not contingent on a business having a customer login. This makes it easier to attract consumers that have not taken the time to set up accounts with each provider or do not have access to a customer login in the first place. This model is attractive in the long-run, but will take sustained effort on the part of Zumbox to build provider partnerships to make the service increasingly relevant to users.


Within InfoTrends’ recent study, The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services, we provide full summaries of each of the announced and available digital mailbox services—doxo, Manilla, Volly, and Zumbox—that has been reviewed and verified by the respective providers.


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