A Digital Mailbox Services Discussion with doxo

Matt Swain
Jan 13, 2012

doxo’s CEO and Co-founder Steve Shivers made a special trip to our Boston offices this week to update us on the service. If you are not familiar with doxo, it is a network enabling businesses and customers to connect and interact. doxo provides consumers a free digital file cabinet to receive and organize documents; make payments; and backup their key account information for multiple providers in one place. Based in Seattle, doxo is funded by Bezos Expeditions, Mohr Davidow Ventures, and Sigma Partners with announced partnerships with AT&T, Kansas City Power & Light, Oregon Employee Federal Credit Union, Puget Sound Energy, Sound Community Bank, Sprint, and other small regional businesses. The Figure below shows a sample provider profile page for a user who has connected with AT&T.

doxo Provider Profile Page

While I cannot discuss everything that doxo is working on, here are some key takeaways from the meeting:

  • The most active user on doxo added 63 accounts in 2011.
  • Consumers are finding that the file cabinet functionality of doxo is highly beneficial.
  • As traction on doxo builds, it creates a stack-ranked list of providers that users are waiting to connect with—helping to build the case for a strong and immediate ROI when leading providers join the network. 
  • doxo is attractive for small businesses as well, since they can connect with consumers solely using doxo’s online Control Panel for Providers. As these businesses grow their activity on the network, they can then take advantage of the API’s to scale their process when they are ready (larger businesses are often using the API’s from the start).
  • “The problem with the term ‘paperless’ today is that for the past ten years or so, consumers have been trained to think this means e-bills, but life is filled with many other types of important documents. doxo’s design helps them manage any and all types of documents electronically as well.”

A point of pride for Steve is the founders’ origins. He noted “we came out of the payment industry and designed the doxo system from the start to move money. This is important, because anything you move after that—documents, images, content—is relatively simple; and the extremely high security level of payment processing sets the standard for all the other types of transactions we process.” In fact, a unique component to doxo today is the fully integrated doxoPAY capabilities since other available digital mailbox providers, Manilla and Zumbox, do not have integrated payment, and Volly is not yet available. Steve continued this discussion by saying that “the whole reason a bill is delivered is of course to collect a payment. It’s not a one-way delivery, it’s a two-way transaction. Sending a bill without integrated payment capability typically increases total costs for the business, because the increase in credit card usage and processing fees outweigh the savings on eliminating paper mail.”

Within InfoTrends’ recent study, The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services, we provide full summaries of each of the announced and available digital mailbox services—doxo, Manilla, Volly, and Zumbox—that has been reviewed and verified by the respective providers.

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