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Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Hamilton

Jim Hamilton
 Feb 13, 2014

While it’s nice to see my name written in rose petals (or in clouds or candies or footprints in the sand), by itself this form of personalization, though eye-catching, is not enough. Using variable data requires more than just a person’s name.

With a very small amount of information (for example, name, address, and account status) it is possible to create a much more effective document. Read more »

A Great Hybrid (Inkjet/Web Offset) Print Sample

Jim Hamilton
 Feb 7, 2012


In this video blog I discuss a marvelous print sample that was produced by SPC, Specialty Print Communications. What I find particularly interesting about it is how it combines two technologies: high-speed process color inkjet and web offset lithography. With leading edge technologies such as this, you often need a well-designed print sample to show off your new capabilities. SPC does that very well. So first, here are the specifics. On the web offset side, this was done on a Goss Sunday 2000 press using process colors and a 175 line-per-inch halftone screen. The press is also capable of laying down spot gloss, either UV coating or varnish. On the inkjet side, the images were produced by a Kodak Prosper S10 imprinting system set up to produce process color at 600 dots per inch in two 4.16” bands across the page. SPC notes that you need to leave a 4” space between the inkjet bands, which they refer to as channels. The piece was printed on a 7-pt.NewPage TrueJet gloss cover stock.

Read more »

The Power of Negative Thinking

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 Mar 9, 2011

What if instead of using inkjet heads to jet ink they were used to apply an ink-resistant substance to subtract part of an offset litho produced image (like a photographic negative blocks light) as it was being printed?

It would combine the economic cost benefits of offset with variable data. Such a development could completely transform the printing market.

It may sound like science fiction, but according to R.R. Donnelley (RRD) it will soon be printing fact and the firm will begin producing direct mail using the process later this year.

RRD calls this process Apollo and it is part of the firm’s agreement with KBA. In fact the further details about Apollo are the most significant news to emerge from this announcement, and of the recent digital developments from major litho press manufacturers this is the most noteworthy because it goes beyond distribution and addresses technology development. Read more »

Timely results and HP SmartStream Designer

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 Mar 11, 2010

Today HP announced the commercial availability of HP SmartStream Director 4.0. In the release HP notes that SmartStream Designer allows wide format printing organizations to offer faster turnaround and address the need for shorter runs and variable data. There has been an increasing focus on these tools for wide format among all kinds of printing organizations, but especially as more commercial printers invest in wide format digital printing systems. As it happens InfoTrends just got data back from our World Wide Survey III, a joint InfoTrends/FESPA study (look for results to be published next week). In it, 81% of the survey respondents, who are wide format print companies, reported they are seeing an increase in demand for shorter turnaround times. 67% reported an increase in demand for shorter runs. 52% have seen an increase in demand for more versioning and personalization.

We’ve been showing data like this for quite a while, with trends indicating a need for digital wide format systems to address variable data printing. Many of the 3rd-party wide format RIP solutions offer options and modules that enable variable data printing as well. We’ve been suggesting that important wide format product developments in 2010 would be aimed at easing the integration of wide format systems into the production environment. The launch of SmartStream Designer 4.0 for wide format certainly fits the description.

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