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Xerox’s Impika to Compete with Fuji Xerox in Asia Pacific

Jim Hamilton
 Dec 3, 2014

A recent announcement signals a change in the relationship between Xerox Corporation and Fuji Xerox. In the past they have not competed head to head in any market. Now they will. The battleground will be Asia Pacific and the product class is high-speed continuous-feed inkjet.

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Tag Relaunch Adds Williams Lea Marketing Solutions

Matt Swain
 Jul 29, 2013

Creative services has been a focal point of expansion for document outsourcing providers in recent years, with Williams Lea making the most significant play in 2011. That July, Williams Lea acquired marketing execution and production agency Tag, which delivers marketing communications through a process called “smart centralization” designed to help brands maintain marketing consistency across markets and media. Tag recently relaunched with a full brand refresh, new logo, website redesign, and the integration of the Williams Lea Marketing Solutions team. In addition to these changes, John Paulson has been promoted from CEO for the Americas region to Global CEO of Tag. Peter Zillig and Todd Handcock will work closely with Paulson and continue in their roles as Tag CEO for EMEA and Asia Pacific, respectively, with full operational responsibility for the business and its clients across their regions.

Ahead of the announcement, I had an opportunity to catch up with Paulson. 

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drupa Attendance Is Down – By a Lot

Jim Hamilton
 May 17, 2012

The drupa 2012 organizers announced final attendance figures today. The total: 314,500. The stunner in this news isn’t that attendance dropped between drupa 2008 and 2012, it’s by how much. drupa attendance peaked in 1990, dropped off in 1995, and then came in at well over 400,000 in 2000. The next two drupas were both around around 390,000. The drupa 2012 figure is down about 75,000 from drupa 2008. Going into the show I hoped that final attendance figures would end up between 350,000 and 375,000. As it turns out, this was very optimistic. The newly released numbers tell a different story entirely.

drupa attendance

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Prediction: The Top drupa 2012 Stories

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 18, 2012

I could be wrong. After all, the show doesn’t start for two weeks, but I think these will be the top stories at drupa:

  1. Benny Landa — Whether Landa Labs shows market-ready products or early tech demos doesn’t really matter. This will be a drupa remembered for the show that Benny Landa put on. Is it ready for prime time? We won’t know until May. One mystery that should be solved by then is why their press releases refer to “ink ejectors” rather than inkjet heads (like every other inkjet system vendor does). Could it be that they are doing something different than using inkjet heads to apply ink to paper? Wait and see. Read more »

HP Brings Dscoop to Asia Pacific

Jim Hamilton
 May 19, 2009

Last week Jeff Hayes, Barb Pellow, and I had the pleasure of presenting at the Survive & Thrive conference, which was held at the Beijing International Hotel Conference Center in Beijing, China ahead of the China Print 2009 trade show. Co-developed by HP and InfoTrends, the conference was the gathering point for hundreds of HP customers, prospects, and partners. Sponsored by abg International, Creo, DigiLabs, Dscoop, and Press-sense, the two-day event was highlighted by several keynotes (including ones by Alon Bar-Shany and Chris Morgan of HP, and Jeff Hayes and Barb Pellow of InfoTrends) as well as by presentations by many HP Indigo users from all over the world.

Arguably, the biggest news of the conference was the announcement that Dscoop (the Digital Solutions Cooperative user group) would be expanding its operations into the Asia Pacific region. Founded in 2005, Dscoop ( has developed a formidable presence in the North American market and provides a valuable resource for a growing range of HP customers (today primarily Indigo and some wide format). Dscoop has 700 member companies on six continents and conducts an annual conference that has grown from about four hundred attendees in 2006 to more than 1,300 in 2009. The 2010 conference will be held in Dallas in February. Dscoop is also notably web-centric, having offered more than one hundred web seminars and supporting many web discussion forums for its members. In his comments preceding the announcement of Dscoop Asia Pacific, Alon Bar-Shany, Vice President of HP’s Indigo division, called the birth and rapid growth of Dscoop a highlight of his professional career, given how it came together in a very short period of time after a “difficult” situation involving the prior user group, the Indigo Customer Exchange (ICE). Read more »

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