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Dec 6, 2012

InfoTrends is pleased to announce some exciting changes to our European Consumer Information Services. As of Monday, 3rd December, InfoTrends’ introduced two new services: Photo Capture Trends Europe and Photo Output Trends Europe.

The consumer digital photography sector is going through a period of rapid change. This change is creating new opportunities while simultaneously presenting challenges to all players in the market. InfoTrends is responding to this critical time of change by providing vendors and service providers more in-depth research coverage of the photo capture and output markets.

One of the fundamental drivers for change in the imaging market is the shift from digital cameras to mobile  cameras as the camera used most often. InfoTrends, which has been tracking consumer imaging behaviors in Europe since 2005, and has seen a dramatic increase of consumers reporting that their phone is the camera they
use most often since 2010. This shift has implications for all players in the digital imaging ecosystem. Digital camera vendors must consider how they can compete against smartphones. Players in the online photo sharing market must create suitable platforms for smartphones and tablets. Print service providers need to offer appropriate products and services for the growing number of “phoneographers” in Europe. Change creates
upheaval and uncertainty, but for those who are willing to take risks and make investments change represents new opportunities for growth.

Since the advent of digital photography, print volumes have declined as electronic viewing and sharing of photos replace traditional photo prints. Typically consumers select ONLY their favorite photos to print and leave the vast majority of photos stored on computer hard drives, CDs, DVDs and memory cards. As consumers accumulate more images than ever addressing issues related to safe storage and easy retrieval become imperative. In 2012 InfoTrends estimates that Western European consumers will capture more than 63 billion photos. InfoTrends surveys show that around 50% of these images, or more than 30 billion, will be considered priceless and impossible to replace if they are lost. This should be a powerful incentive for consumers to print their photos. However, the trend in Europe is for fewer printed photos each year and that penetration of photo merchandise has stabilized.

InfoTrends Photo Output Trends Europe service will probe deeply into the issues facing players and stakeholders in the photo output market. Photo prints and merchandise will be fundamental within this market and competing technologies such as electronic viewing and sharing will be closely examined.

InfoTrends’ Photo Capture Trends and Photo Output Trends services will publish several annual forecasts, end user driven analysis and industry trends analysis. In addition to anytime access to published data clients of the services will have on going access to analysts for time sensitive queries.

We are excited about these new services and look forward to publishing new research during 2013.

If you are interested in learning more about Photo Capture Trends Europe and Photo Output Trends Europe please contact: Jennie Lewis via email ( or phone +44 (0)1983 289794

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