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Sep 27, 2010

The other day I got a briefing from a company called Visual Magnetics, which has developed a magnetic coating that it can apply to a wide variety of substrates. When used with the company’s “InvisiLock” system, the graphics printed on Visual Magnetics MagnaMedia can quickly and easily be replaced in part or in whole. There are quite a few advantages to this system but the biggest ones are in the levels of compliance reached by retailers who want to change advertising messages quickly. One of Visual Magnetics’ customers, Oakley, is serving as a witness to the system the company has developed, reporting that it has been using the Visual Magnetics Graphic System since 2005 and has saved more than 50 percent of its shipping costs for wide format graphics. Oakley manufactures contemporary eye wear and apparel and the company has almost 120 retail stores. Oakley pays to have its graphics printed in one location to provide the best possible brand and quality control then ships the graphics out to all of its stores. The lightweight Visual Magnetic “MagnaMedia” can be shipped in rolls as opposed to crates like a lot of rigid media such as foam-core. Even when those foam-core graphics are shipped properly, they are easily damaged, but Oakley reports that this is “no longer an issue” for them using the Visual Magnetics Graphic System. The rolls are also used by the company to ship the old graphics back to the headquarter location, so the materials can be recycled.

Joe Deetz, President of Visual Magnetics told me that they are seeing incredible growth in the use of their system as companies look for ways to accommodate the tighter timelines that retail graphics require and reduce costs. Deetz reported that the company is working with some giant retailers and had a day recently when it sold more than 1 million square feet of its product. Also, the success of Visual Magnetics doesn’t necessarily come at the expense of other wide format media coaters because in fact the company buys large rolls of media from those companies to apply their magnetic coating to it.

The Visual Magnetics Graphic System addresses many of the key issues we are seeing in the wide format digital graphics market today; providing an opportunity to reduce costs, enhance cycle times, and provide an ease-of-use that improves compliance and recycling.

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