Adobe Flies Sky High with Document Cloud

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May 19, 2015

Adobe is certainly no stranger when it comes to creating technologies that assist businesses in becoming more digital. Not everything the company has tried has gone gangbusters, but its newest offering, Adobe Document Cloud, appears poised for success.

First off, it should be noted that Document Cloud is not simply another storage solution; it can be used with applications from Apple, DropBox, Box, Microsoft and Google, and is also available for Android and iOS devices. Put another way: With an app, the user can take a photo and then convert it into a PDF, which is fully editable and searchable. With a few drags and taps on the screen, a person can enter text, and crop and/or move images. Other features include Enhanced Scans (which utilizes algorithms to improve the image quality), font matching, and text recognition, which can be especially useful for tracking receipts.

Document Cloud can also remember where the user left off in a process. For example, picture a man editing a photo on his tablet. Later in the day, he goes to the document on his laptop and voila – he’s at the same place. This convenient feature alone, which is called Mobile Link, should be a great productivity booster.

Perhaps even more impressive is the built-in presence of eSign Services (formerly Adobe EchoSign), which allows easy sharing of a document – from a laptop/desktop or mobile device – to get signatures that can be entered as text or drawn on a tablet. And the recipient doesn’t even have to download any software as part of the process.

In the background, Document Cloud keeps track of everything; this not only helps to streamline the overall workflow but also provides an audit trail to assist with compliance. Overall, it makes the often-frustrating approach to handling document-signing much easier.

And in a smart move that will keep SMBs smiling as broadly as Fortune 500 companies, Adobe has kept the pricing down: The lowest monthly subscription plan for Document Cloud starts at just $12.99. That’s a pretty good deal for something aimed at curing a common corporate headache.


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