The Latest Landa S10 Print Samples

Jim Hamilton
Feb 10, 2015

On a snowy February day I met Gilad Tzori, Landa’s Vice President of Product Strategy, at Terminal C of Logan Airport. Gilad had just completed a speaking engagement in Florida and had offered to stop in Boston to show me the latest Landa S10 print samples and to give me a general Landa update.

Gilad showed me a dozen or so B1-format sheets with a number of images that included oversized portraits and brightly colored pictures of food. Though the quality is not yet sellable, the improvement is significant over what I had previously seen. It was also good to see samples on the full-size B1 sheet. There are some registration issues, streaks, and other artifacts remaining, but the samples show a wide color gamut and the ability to hold a fine level of detail. These samples reveal the potential of the technology. If Landa’s heated blanked transfer method proves to be an effective way to resolve the drying issues associated with other aqueous inkjet technologies (particularly when printing at high coverage levels), then a major inkjet technology roadblock will be removed.

As we discussed the print samples, Gilad and I engaged in a wide-ranging conversation about the challenges and opportunities for a digital printing product in this format class:

  • Gilad stressed the importance of Komori in the development of the S10 and also noted that Heidelberg and manroland are not actively pursuing Landa-based product plans at the moment.
  • Because there is currently no other B1-format digital product, Landa sees its competition as B1-format sheet-fed offset presses.
  • He believes that the Landa technology can produce a good opaque white by laying down a thicker layer of ink than would be typical of the process colors. This will be particularly important for folding carton, corrugated, and flexible packaging applications.
  • Landa will focus on the B1 format for its initial product offerings. The first available version of the S10 will be a cut-sheet simplex model targeted at folding carton packaging. To follow will be a perfecting (i.e., duplex) cut-sheet model intended for commercial print, a simplex roll-fed model for flexible packaging, and a perfecting roll-fed model for publication printing.
  • Gilad said that beta tests were expected to start at a customer site in Israel before the end of 2015 and that other beta tests would follow in 2016. That being said, he noted that Landa would not rush the beta test and that the key factor would be reaching the quality levels expected for a device of this type.

In a blog I published in December, I said that I felt it was important for Landa to show the market its progress via updated print samples and so I am grateful to Gilad for going out of his way to meet with me and show me the latest. I know that many others would like the same opportunity. Landa will bring some key prospects to Israel to do exactly that, but for everyone else, the next chance to see Landa in action will not come until May of 2016 at drupa. At that point if all goes well, Landa will be completing beta testing and should be close to the release of the Landa S10 model.

Late in 2014 InfoTrends completed research on the B2-format production digital print market. This report is called “Opportunities and Challenges in B2 Digital”.

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