Kodak Alaris Introduces Two New Scanners

Anne Valaitis
Jun 16, 2014

On June 4th, Kodak Alaris announced the addition of two new scanners to their product portfolio. The KODAK SCANMATE i1150 and KODAK SCANMATE i1180 are positioned as transaction based scanning devices. Each device is positioned uniquely to capture and then facilitate a business process. As paper usage within business matures and transitions, the time to capture valuable content from remaining pages increases. Kodak Alaris has worked with customers to identify and observe specific needs for scan and capture in these specific business environments.

The KODAK SCANMATE i1150 scanner is intended as a customer-facing business transaction device. Boasting a quiet and compact design, the SCANMATE i1150 scans at 25ppm and can handle a variety of cards and paper types. This device is meant to be used by an employee that is interacting directly with a customer, such as, at an admissions desk as an employee gathers personal information such as ID and insurance cards. Each interaction is valuable and requires a quick turnaround.

The KODAK SCANMATE i1180 scanner is a faster version of the i1150 and features some interesting enhanced capabilities. The KODAK SCANMATE i1180 is a fast 40ppm with the attributes of the i1150, additionally it embeds Perfect Page image enhancement technology into the device to reduce processing demands on the user’s PC. Most scanners require this type of image technology to be managed by the PC connected to the device. The i1180 removes the burden from the PC itself providing flexibility for users and IT. Another IT improvement, the SCANMATE i1180 scanner is a fully licensed device for the EMC® CAPTIVA® Cloud Toolkit. This toolkit can support in the development of browser-based applications.

InfoTrends’ Opinion
Companies are focused heavily on removing paper from processes and looking for ways to quickly convert the remaining paper to digital. Devices that can intelligently achieve these tasks all while managing to be a valuable participant in a business process have a greater likelihood of becoming an asset. These SCANMATE products provide distinctive qualities such as Boost mode on the i1150 that increases the speed to 40ppm for the first 10 pages of a scan job. Many scan jobs are less than 10pages and this increase “Boost” can be beneficial in moving content to its next destination. InfoTrends anticipates an evolution of business process as further advancements are made to redesign and reengineer operating procedures.

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