Frankly Speaking: App Happy

Frank Romano
Feb 14, 2014

Mid-winter silliness by Frank Romano

There’s an app for that
Or so they tell us
App is application abbreviated
And that is what they sell us

An app is really a program
What computer software begat
But no one ever says
There’s a “prog” for that

A software application
Lets computers do useful stuff
Like GPS and drink mixes
Or selfies in the buff

A GAPP app is for global trade
And a GAP app for clothing
The Map app gets you lost much faster
With Fart apps noisily exploding

A Zap app kills all other apps
Black apps are from the NSA
Malware on your iPhone
So they can hear all you say

The von Trapp app is alive with the sound of music
And e-pub apps let you read tabloids
The AbFab app is app-solutely fabulous
And the Yap app is Siri on steroids

There are now a gazillion apps
With apps to even track ‘em
And nasty folks
Who even try to hack ‘em

All it takes is your credit card
To download apps galore
They are just a click away
At the iTunes or Android store

But the ultimate app is print, I say
With paper and ink, uniquely
There are no batteries to decay
And no device that obsoletes weekly

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