Samsung Debuts Executive Briefing Center – Focused Around Enterprise Vertical Markets

Randy Dazo
Jun 20, 2013

Last week Samsung Electronics Americas held a ribbon cutting ceremony, debuting its new Executive Briefing Center located in Ridgefield Park, NJ. Executives Yangkyu Kim, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America and Tod Pike, senior vice president of Samsung’s Enterprise Business Division were all on hand (literally all hands were on a large pair of scissors for the ribbon cutting) to speak about their vision of Samsung Americas, its enterprise division and expansive new enterprise executive briefing center to support these initiatives.

The new Executive Briefing Center showcased several Samsung technologies that can be used in different enterprise vertical market environments.  In addition to hardware such as MFD’s, Samsung demonstrated a holistic integration of LCD displays, mobile smartphone/tablet technologies as well as software and services that provided the audience a fresh perspective on how Samsung enterprise technologies could be utilized in real world market scenarios.  The briefing center was separated into 6 different vertical market “zones”; Hospitality Zone, Financial Services Zone, Retail Zone, Healthcare Zone, Boardroom Zone and an Education Zone with each zone having a combination of solutions.


The Hospitality Zone – had several video walls that could be used in hotel lobbies, LCD televisions and hospitality video systems that could be used in guest rooms as well as a business center with Samsung printers and MFD’s that could support the attached PC’s or mobile printing.





The Financial Services Zone – showed a brokers (or banker’s) desk with several LCD monitors to view and monitor stock trading, an LCD monitor “virtual receptionist” that allows customers to check into a banking center on their own and  of course copiers and printers to support banking and financial services workflows were also shown.









The Retail Zone – displayed dynamic signage solutions for large outdoor retail marketing walls, menu boards tied into POS systems, dynamic signage for kiosks and also transparent display technology that allows an image to be displayed on a semi transparent glass while still being able to  see real objects behind it.



The Healthcare Zone – showed electronic health records integration with a “virtualized Desktop” allowing health practitioners to move from any location in a practice or hospital and be able to securely access and move records from one device such as a desktop to a mobile tablet, while securely logging out and logging in for HIPAA compliance and patient confidentiality.  Samsung also showed radiology technology that they acquired for ultra sound and digital radiology solutions in healthcare.

The Boardroom – had dual interactive 75″ displays with touch overlays, video conferencing capabilities and printing.






The Education Zone – showed a totally electronic classroom that Samsung launched at ISTY.  Samsung showed an all tablet classroom and electronic class room system that can monitor students individual progress and provide instructors feedback to provide extra help in areas the system automatically recognizes.


Samsung’s state of the art executive briefing center provides enterprise customers with real solutions that utilize a variety of Samsung hardware, software and services solutions. With big growth plans for both Samsung globally and also specifically their business solutions space, Samsung is demonstrating that they have a breadth of products and solutions to help many enterprise vertical industries with their business.

InfoTrends sees this strategy as being quite unique; incorporating different technologies that can assist businesses solve their pain points especially in vertical markets that have typically had complex business processes.  Utilizing a variety of solutions such as mobile, IT, LCD and Print allows Samsung to not only become a one stop solutions vendor but they can also provide a holistic approach that make integrating these solutions flow seamlessly together.

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