Business Process Automation in Higher Education

Randy Dazo
Mar 14, 2013

Out of all the vertical markets the Business Process Automation group has studied, the higher education market is arguably one of the most advanced industries to adopt automation solutions for business processes and workflows. However we still see areas and specific processes within higher ed still being performed manually that still uses paper. Areas such as administrative work is transitioning to digital workflows with fewer documents being handled in paper form. The following chart is an example of how higher education establishments have automated their application process by degree type.

At first glance you will see that each of these graduate types have pretty much automated their initial application process.  Interestingly if we look deeper into the types of documents that are submitted as part of the application process, it tells a slightly different story.  In the following example for undergraduate admissions, we still see the actual “application form” being submitted mostly via an on-line portal however depending on the specific document type, the submissions do vary quite substantially.

 In addition, there are still specific areas that depend on paper and manual processes to accomplish tasks, like grading and test creation however the adoption of new automation technologies is seeping into these areas as well in higher education and should be looked at very closely to identify the exact opportunities to go after.

InfoTrends broke down the higher education industry into three segments (undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate) with four key paper-intensive processes areas: 1) Admissions; 2) Curriculum development; 3) Assignments, communications, testing, and grading; and 4) Printer center operations. This study, as with all of the others conducted on Business Process Automation opportunities, looks deep within each of their respective vertical markets.  It is with this deep and granular research within each of these market, have we uncovered specific areas and processes that can be addressed with automation solutions.

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