What Can We Learn from the Red Sox?

Charlie Corr
 Oct 31, 2013

The road to redemption and a World Championship for the Sox provides some lessons applicable to business. As Boston celebrates the win, the first lesson is that winning is fun. Being on a winning team builds morale; it keeps staff motivated and creates a positive environment. Winning organizations have less bickering, they act more cohesively. Employees believe in each other. When they enter the field of competition they believe they will win and that good things will happen.

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Redefining In-Plant Print Providers

Charlie Corr
 Jul 9, 2013

Adobe has expanded its business far beyond print. The Print & Publishing segment accounted for only 5% of total Adobe revenue in 2012. Adobe is providing solutions across the eco-system of where we view information. It is a technology agnostic view. Print remains an important component and they continue to invest and innovate with enhancements to PDF and the PDF print engine. The printing and publishing industry continues to rely heavily on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

In-plant print providers can take guidance from Adobe in defining their future. It comes down to how you define your business, the strategic vision of where you add value and where you are headed. Most railroads in this country went out of business with the advent of interstate highways. Had they thought of their business as being transportation, not rail travel, they would have likely had continued success. Read more »

Dumping Your Printer is Madness

Charlie Corr
 Sep 21, 2011

The following is an open letter to the industry from Charlie Corr, Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Mimeo.com. Charlie spent many years at InfoTrends before moving to Mimeo.com in 2007. Charlie’s message is an important one so we are posting it here in its entirety with his permission.

Several weeks ago the New York Times published an article titled “Dump Your Printer To Escape the Madness.”  The author, Sam Grobart, launched an attack on the “printer-industrial complex” but by the third line stated that “we live in a world where going without a printer can be more trouble than it is worth.”  He is right! That is why there are over 132 million inkjet printers installed in the US, an average of 1.2 per household.[1] Owning a printer is a major convenience and well worth the minimal cost. Read more »

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