2014 Insights from Leaders of Emerging Customer Communications Channel Services

Matt Swain
Jan 14, 2014

InfoTrends launched a new advisory service this month for stakeholders in the customer communications market. Aptly-named, our “Customer Communications Channels & Trends” service will focus on the channels–physical mail, web portals, e-mail attachments, and mobile apps–and market trends for delivery of bills, statements, legal notices, letters, payment due reminders, and other critical messages that organizations send to their customers.

While this launch is the most exciting event for our service in 2014, we checked in with some of the channel players for their perspective.

Here are their responses to the question “What will be the most exciting event/milestone/feature for your service in 2014?

“The most exciting events will be our launches with new partners. Reaching a new population of people who haven’t touched Check before (and perhaps haven’t touched mobile payments before in general) is very exciting. When billers bring on a mobile app like Check, it’s a huge shift in terms of how they will interact with customers. They open themselves up to increased engagement, better customer satisfaction and lower costs through electronic channels.” — Steve Schultz, COO, Check

“In 2013 we welcomed our millionth user and saw 6X growth, and that’s accelerating as we enter 2014. We announced many new businesses on doxo this past year and that will expand several times over again in the year ahead. There are a couple key trends driving business growth: First, there’s the business backlash against having their existing online users hijacked by screen-scrapers, and frustration with the security risks it causes. This trend is directly benefiting doxo and will drive even more opportunities for us in 2014. Second, mobile will this year cross over to become the majority of activity, so we’re adding more tools for direct mobile interaction for businesses on our network, more payment capabilities, and creating more real-time insight and analytics into their customer trends and usage patterns. We’re very excited with the pace of growth and expect a terrific year in 2014.” — Roger Parks, VP of Business Development and Co-founder, doxo

“The most exciting event for us would be to see our first major customer launch Finovera solutions on their Online Banking Portal. Finovera also plans to launch a suite of mobile solutions and enhance the current desktop offering with new features in 2014. We expect to substantially widen our provider coverage to several thousand before the end of the year.” — Purna Pareek, CEO, Finovera

“We are excited to surpass one million users and over six million accounts on our platform in January and at the same time release our brand new Bill Share features to the service. Many of our users have asked for the ability to manage or co-manage their parents’ bills, share specific accounts with their spouse, or utilize the Manilla platform to inform roommates that the cable bill is due and their portion owed.  Manilla’s new Bill Share capability will allow seamless sharing of accounts through application invitations…It is a digital solution to the real world problem of remembering to asks a question or reminding someone about a bill or balance, but not having the bill detail or the person present.” — Jim Schinella, CEO, Manilla

“We’re very excited for what 2014 will bring Pitney Bowes.  We recently announced a partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions and with Amazon Web Services on the development of a digital communications exchange platform. We will complete and release this new platform via a variety of key alliances and other digital channels in this coming year. Digital technology advancements are going to change the way companies and consumers communicate.” — Chuck Cordray, President of Digital Mail Solutions, Pitney Bowes

“Secure electronic document delivery via email, is finally coming of age. Striata has close to 100 marquee customers in the United States alone. With biller direct portals plateauing and digital mailboxes failing to gain traction, we are perfectly positioned to lead the paper suppression landscape. We have major reference customers in every vertical showing 30% to 80% better than industry averages for paper suppression.” — Garin Toren, COO, Striata

“We are excited to expand our syndicated offering of digital postal mail to those properties that consumers trust. We launched with eMoney Advisors in 2013. In 2014, we will be providing documents via the FIS bill pay channel along with a number of other important syndication partners.  We will be delivering all of this with an entirely new UI that will be available by the end of Q1 that makes it even easier for consumers to navigate and for businesses to syndicate.” — Gordon Adams, CEO, Zumbox


There you have it. From a business relationship perspective, these channel players are excited about new syndication and white label partnerships, new prospects for their delivery and payment solutions, and new business models. From a consumer perspective, they cite adoption milestones, new functionality, and a general excitement for 2014 growth.

We wish these services and others the best in 2014 and stay tuned for a blog post with insights from leading transactional outsourcing service bureaus later this month!


Matt Swain
Director, Advisory Services:

Customer Communications Channels & Trends
Document Outsourcing


InfoTrends tracks the customer communications delivery and payment markets via studies like our recently-published study entitled The Future of Multi-channel Transactional Communications, as well as via our Customer Communications Channels & Trends advisory service. Additional market coverage designed for technology and implementation-focused vendors and enterprises will become available later in Q1 2014.

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