Consumer Video Behaviors Evolving

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 Nov 27, 2012

At one stage, camcorders were the only device capable of capturing videos. Today, chances are that even if a person does not own a camcorder they are likely to already own a device with video capability, whether it’s a digital camera or smartphone.

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The United States Postal Service Merry-Go-Round

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 19, 2012

I wish I were drawing this instead of writing a blog because it would make a perfect cartoon or infographic. You saw the latest news from the United States Postal Service (USPS), right? They posted a $15.9 billion loss for their 2012 fiscal year. Sound familiar? They posted a $5.1 billion loss in 2011 and a $8.5 billion loss in 2010.

Paragon Carousel, Hull, Massachusetts

The image that it brings to mind is a merry-go-round because the same cycle happens over, and over, and over again. Here’s how it goes:

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Tweeting as a Way to Take Notes

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 13, 2012

I’ve gotten in the habit of using Twitter as a way to take notes while at industry analyst events. Last month, while at Lexmark’s headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky for a two-day briefing with around 40 industry analysts, I tweeted 54 times during the corporate presentations. I alternated between keeping notes in a Word document, tweeting my notes, and watching for related activity from other analysts at the event. In this post I will share my tweets from the event and discuss the idea of using tweets for note-taking.

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Pitney Bowes holds first European Technology Analyst Event

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 Nov 9, 2012

On Tuesday October 30th, Pitney Bowes (PB) invited a select group of European industry analysts to attend its first ever European Analyst day; held at the five star Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, central London. The day provided an excellent opportunity to get an update on where Pitney Bowes is going, see demonstrations of the latest software, and to have in-depth one-to-one discussions with PB executives.

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Volly Launch Postponed Again… Now 2013

Matt Swain
 Nov 8, 2012

When it announced its third quarter earnings last week, Pitney Bowes said that it was deferring availability of its highly-anticipated Volly secure digital delivery service until 2013. Pitney Bowes originally told investors, analysts, employees, and partners that the service would be launched in the “second half of 2011.” In its earnings report, Pitney Bowes noted that it:

“has decided to add to and enhance its technology to provide additional capabilities that will improve the onboarding process for billers. This will result in improving the scalability of the service and facilitating biller density.”

There are two potential reasons for this. Either Pitney Bowes has lost focus on its U.S. launch while trying to license its platform internationally with partners like Australia Post Digital MailBox, or they have reached a point where they are too caught up in perfection to launch before the service is fine-tuned and enough brands have signed on.

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Australia Post Digital MailBox: “Registering Interest”

Matt Swain

When Australia Post said it was launching its Digital MailBox last week, we expected consumers would be able to dive in and start organizing their mail. That wasn’t the case. Looking back, it seemed a bit like they were rushing to be first to market, ahead of Digital Post Australia. The problem is that they are using the term “launch” somewhat liberally. Unfortunately, when they made their announcement there were technical issues that brought it down for almost a week. When I reached out to Australia Post for comment on these problems, and questioned whether the Volly technology platform was at fault, here was their response: Read more »

Graph Expo Attendance Up Compared to 2011

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 7, 2012

If trade show numbers can be believed (and let’s hope they can), the attendance numbers from the Graph Expo 2012 organizers are encouraging. Overall attendance was up by close to 3% and the all-important ‘verified attendee/buyers’ category was up around 2%. This is particularly encouraging in light of the staggering drop in drupa 2012 attendance. Yet before we all get too excited about this, keep in mind that this only amounts to about 270 more verified buyers than in 2011. The bigger increase was in non-verified buyers (presumably booth staff and maybe some analysts and press).

Graph Expo 2011 2012 Difference % Change
Participants (exhibitors & attendees) 20,451 21,022 +571 2.8%
Verified attendee/buyers 13,426 13,694 +268 2.0%
Unique buyer companies represented 8,026 8,252 +226 2.8%

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Print and Zombies

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 5, 2012

Somehow, zombies have crept into the debate about the value of print. Below are three recent examples of how print and zombies have been connected in some fashion on the Internet.

  1. Why Print Books Are Like Zombies — This blog is actually about digital rights management, but the point is that printed books live on and on (in your bookshelves, your attic, your basement, etc.). They never die. Nor can they be taken away from you by the publisher after you’ve bought them.
  2. Print Zombie — Is Print Dead? — This blog examines the future of print. It’s called Print Zombie because “Everyone knows if something dies, it just comes back stronger as a Zombie!”
  3. And my favorite: Print versus Digital — Who Survives the Zombies? — This imaginative and hilarious infographic provides compelling facts to support the theory that print is much better suited to survive a zombie attack.

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Benny Landa at Graph Expo

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 2, 2012

Though his Landa Corporation did not exhibit at Graph Expo, Benny Landa was in Chicago showing analysts and press some nanographic print samples whose quality was much improved over what was shown at drupa. My biggest complaint with the Landa samples at drupa was the streaking, and that has been reduced significantly since May. Landa described the company’s progress on quality using an S curve to track a period of development, followed by rapid quality increases starting around the time of drupa 2012. He said that there would be significant improvements between now and China Print 2013. According to Landa, as quality climbs on this S curve, it reaches quality levels achievable by offset lithography.

Landa quality S curve

Source: Landa Corporation

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