Photo Merchandise in China: Beyond Photo Books

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 Jun 29, 2012

If you are looking for photo merchandise in the United States, the top sites that appear in a search engine are websites like Shutterfly or Snapfish. There, the product scope and promotional offers are focused predominantly on photo books, calendars, and greeting cards. In China, the top sites that appear in a search engine take the concept of photo merchandise a step further. While some sites, like Fujifilm’s SeeHere, have comparable product focus and promotional offering to Shutterfly or Snapfish, top sites like Dudencheng and Woxingwoying  offer a much more diverse range of products.

At Duducheng you can include personal pictures on products like pillows, T-shirts, puzzles, cups, magic squares (Rubik’s cubes), canvas bags, umbrellas, refrigerator magnets, and crystal gifts.

Crystal gift example from

Rubik's cube example from



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The Opportunity for Supplies in Latin America

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 Jun 27, 2012

In April 2012, InfoTrends conducted a Web-based survey in specific regions of Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. This Multi-Client study offers an in-depth view of the supplies market in Latin America, including consumers’ preferences about supplies and aftermarket activities. In conducting this survey, we hoped to gain a better understanding of the dynamics within this market, which include widespread supplies counterfeiting and heavy use of refill services for supplies. A total of 600 home respondents and 900 office respondents qualified for participation in this survey, with respondents from Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina being equally represented (200 each for home; 300 each for office).

A Visit to Canon’s imageRUNNER Advance Manufacturing Plant

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 26, 2012

As part of the industry analyst trip I wrote about previously, Canon brought us to a manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China (in Jiangsu province near Shanghai). The site produces all of the imageRUNNER Advance units sold worldwide as well as the feeding and finishing devices associated with the series. Founded in September of 2001, this site produced its first imageRUNNER in 2002. It now has around 8,600 employees, of which 6,000 or so work on its massive production floor. The site is jointly controlled by Canon, Inc. (66.5%), Canon Finetech, Inc. (23.5%), and Canon (China) Co. Ltd. (10%). It cost approximately $67 million to build and in 2011 accounted for $1.44 billion in sales (this figure represents an internal transfer).

Why Suzhou? Canon chose to build its plant in Suzhou for two reasons: (1) easy access to component manufacturers and (2) the region’s large base of technology-savvy workers. Canon’s goal was to create an environmentally-friendly and technologically-advanced plant capable of top-level quality production using a quality control philosophy based in part on upstream parts management.

Canon facility in Suzhou, China

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InfoTrends Analyses the Camera Market

Ed Lee
 Jun 21, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Paul Worthington of 6Sight about a number of subjects in the digital imaging market, including the topics of DSLRs versus compact interchangeable lens cameras (CILCs) and smartphones versus digital cameras. Our conversation is featured in the current issue of 6Sight Magazine.

The following is an excerpt from our conversation:

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Canon’s Fourth Five-Year Plan

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 19, 2012

Last week I was among a group of ten American industry analysts and trade magazine editors that Canon flew to its Tokyo headquarters and also to a manufacturing facility near Shanghai. Though we were briefed on some new product developments under non-disclosure the main purpose of the trip was to give this group of industry influencers a better understanding of Canon’s market strategy. A good place to start is with Canon’s five-year plan.

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Olympics Coming to London. Get Your Cameras Ready!

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 Jun 15, 2012

2012 is a year of major events in the UK. First there was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations which came to a peak 2-5 June. For this particular event InfoTrends estimated that a massive 1.3 billion digital camera photos would be captured over the 4 day event.  From July 27th to August 12th London will be host to the Games of the XXX Olympiad. The Summer Olympic Games are one of the largest events to be ever held in the capital and will attract an estimated 4 million additional visitors to London. There will be 8.8 million tickets available. To say that this is a BIG event would be an understatement.

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Exploring Print Management Solutions with InfoTrends Ultimate Guide to Print MIS

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Business information is a powerful tool that can be used to understand the fine details of what is happening in an organization, drive change, and ultimately provide the best service possible. For print service providers, gathering the information about their business that is crucial for success can be achieved through print management software, often referred to as Management Information Systems (MIS).  The role of a Print MIS is to be a centralized repository of customer information, job cost details, job estimates and tickets, equipment status, and more to efficiently and effectively support an operation’s ecosystem. Read more »

Death of a Tradeshow

Jeff Hayes

With quiet nostalgia and a sense of forlorn, on Wednesday June 13, 2012 I entered the Jacob Javits Center in New York City where the On Demand Printing & Publishing Exposition and Conference was first held 18 years ago. Back then the Javits Center was the new hot convention space and On Demand was fortunate to secure a spot at this lucrative location. As I entered the show this year, I noted the irony of the Javits Center going through a major renovation while On Demand was a shadow of itself.

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Ricoh Convergence 2012: New Services-Led Business Model, Technology Platform, and Hardware Products

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 Jun 14, 2012

Services-led. Technology-enabled. People-drive. Those were the themes at this year’s Ricoh Convergence event in Las Vegas, where over 600 participants gathered at the Wynn hotel to take part in educational seminars, networking, and panel discussions covering topics ranging from Ricoh’s new services-led dealership program to how to increase dealer growth via Ricoh’s resources to gaining better insight into Ricoh’s new technology platform. The technology expo showcased demos and tutorials on Ricoh’s new and existing hardware and solutions and services offerings. 


One of the biggest announcements made during this event was Ricoh’s move to a new services-led business model. Recognizing the emerging MPS opportunities in the market, this is a turning point for dealers to capitalize on implementing a services-led environment for their customers.   Read more »

Putting the HOW in Design

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 Jun 12, 2012

The 2012 HOW Design Live, an event sponsored by HOW magazine held this year in Boston from June 21-25th, is an event that service providers should consider attending. It’s one of the largest gatherings of designers, freelancers, creative team managers, and other creative professionals in the country. The creative community, according to the 48th Annual Print Survey conducted by Graphic Design USA, remains central to the process of buying print and specifying paper. In addition, these professionals play a pivotal role in shaping cross media campaigns. As more and more service providers bring to market solutions that integrate print and online media channels, connecting with the design community should be a priority.

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