Hybrid Inkjet Samples Printed by the Kodak S10 Series Imprinting System

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 27, 2012

Jim Hamilton of InfoTrends discusses two print samples: a Front Row Movies mailer and a Sorori fashion catalog that were produced by Kodak customer The Lettershop Group using a Kodak S10 Imprinting System with CMYK. Both jobs were printed on 170-gsm Galarie Silk.

A discussion of these print samples is also part of a new white paper called “High-Speed Monochrome and Color Inkjet in Hybrid Configurations” that is available as a free download on the InfoTrends web site.

Shutterfly Poised to Increase Market Lead with Kodak Gallery Acquisition

Alan Bullock

This week, Shutterflys $23.8 million offer for “certain assets” of competing online photo service Kodak Gallery was selected as the winning (and only) bid in the court-supervised auction that is part of Kodak’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings The agreement, announced on March 1, is for the sale of “certain assets” including customer accounts and images in the U.S. and Canada, and is expected to receive final court approval early next week.

The transition process, expected to begin soon thereafter, is a familiar one for Shutterfly. In recent years, the service has scooped up customers from several competitors that have assumed room temperature, including Sony Image Station and American Greetings’ PhotoWorks. Unless they choose to opt out, Kodak Gallery users’ photos will be automatically transferred to a new or existing Shutterfly account and they will probably be welcomed to Shutterfly with some free prints and maybe a discounted photo book or two. According to a notice at Kodak Gallery, users who choose to not have their photos moved to Shutterfly will be able to download them for free or to purchase copies on DVD for a limited time. (Incidentally, this may be the last chance for Kodak Gallery users to retrieve their high-resolution image files — Shutterfly does not allow users to download their photos.) Read more »

Mobile Apps: A Blue Ocean for Photo Merchandise

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InfoTrends is now tracking the growing number of apps that support the creation, ordering, printing, and shipment of photo merchandise products. While it is still an early market, a perfect storm is brewing that will lead to rapid growth of the market for these apps. The combination of an increase in the number of consumers who use their smartphones as their primary camera, with the growing number of apps that allow consumers to creatively interact with their images, and with backend API’s that facilitate order, printing, and shipment of items created within the app, is creating revenue opportunities from photo merchandise products.

To date, we’ve identified approximately thirty apps that allow consumers the ability to print simple photo merchandise items (posters and cards primarily). InfoTrends anticipates this number will increase rapidly in the coming year, a view that was supported in a recent conversation with Tom Gallard, CEO of Pwinty. Read more »

Adobe CS6 Release and the Impact of Creative Cloud

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 Apr 26, 2012

On April 23, Adobe Systems announced the latest release of its Creative Suite toolset version 6.0, and formally announced the launch of its new Creative Cloud service.  Adobe livestreamed a video kick-off where its president and CEO, Shantanu Narayen, spoke an “explosion of digital expression” in society, where the urge to create has never been greater than it is now. To highlight this point, Adobe leveraged statistics from a recent global research study it commissioned called “State of Create,” which investigated attitudes and beliefs about creativity in society. It used the study’s finding of a “creativity gap” to drive home the value of its Creative Cloud offering, which includes low-cost subscriptions to Adobe’s array of professional design applications. Read more »

Danaher Will Buy X-Rite

Bob Leahey
 Apr 25, 2012

Danaher Corporation, an industrial and healthcare manufacturing conglomerate, made news again this month for another purchase that is important to the color digital printing world. This came when Danaher announced that it will buy X-Rite Inc., which makes color measurement systems. X-Rite also is the parent of Pantone, the formulator of color standards for print service providers, including converters of labels and packaging for consumer products. Danaher’s offer values X-Rite at $5.55 a share, or about $479 million. This is a 39% premium over X-Rite’s closing share price of $4.00 on April 9, 2012, which was the last trading day prior to the announcement. Stockholders representing approximately 68% of the voting power of X-Rite’s outstanding shares reportedly intend to tender their shares into the offer. The deal is subject to regulatory approval and closing conditions, but is expected to close by July 1, 2012. Observers of the CDLP market will remember that Danaher made a similarly important purchase in 2011, with the acquisition of Esko.
For its 2012 investment, Danaher will net a company that is highly influential in the packaging and label industries. X-Rite’s spectrophotometers, colorimeters, densitometers, and related products are widely used by converters and other print service providers to test color reproduction, a vital topic in the representation of consumer brands. At the same time, X-Rite’s Pantone business is one of world’s top sources of color standards. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are commonly the choice of brand owners worldwide. PMS colors may be less influential in other regions than they are in North America, but many global brands often have a high reliance on them. One sign of their importance is that, among color digital label and packaging (CDLP) press manufacturers, it is common for an individual vendor to describe a new press’s color printing capability by estimating the percentage of PMS colors that the press can reproduce.
Danaher’s 2011 purchase of Esko, which was then called Esko Artwork, was a somewhat smaller investment, $470 million. Danaher closed that deal at the middle of 2011, and thus added to its portfolio one of the top suppliers of design and workflow software for the packaging and label converting industry. Esko became part of Danaher’s “Product Identification” group, whose anchor member is Videojet Technologies (Wood Dale, IL), the leading vendor globally for monochrome inkjet coding systems. While there is no obvious synergy between Esko and Videojet, Esko has continued to thrive as an independent company within the group. Assuming the newest Danaher purchase goes through, the conglomerate’s Product Identification group will soon have Esko, X-Rite, and Pantone within it, and there will be synergy between their various products and services.
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Channelpartner.de claims Samsung is launching inkjet printers with Kodak technology

Christine Dunne Dunne

According to an article on channelpartner.de, Samsung is launching their first inkjet printers this week; although they will have Samsung’s own design and features they will use Kodak’s inkjet technology. Channelpartner.de received the news from the retail community, which is claiming that the Samsung consumer inkjet devices have already hit the shelves. Read more »

The “Rainbow” Special Effect and Other Scodix drupa 2012 News

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 24, 2012


Jim Hamilton of InfoTrends discusses print samples provided by Scodix, representing a sparkly new effect called “Rainbow.” Other Scodix samples are also highlighted.

Digital Asset Management: What’s New and Coming Soon

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What was once a solution designed to manage, organize, and archive valuable digital assets is playing an even more vital role in media management and workflows. Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions are expanding to include a range of functionality that serves the changing needs of marketers, corporate brand owners, publishers, and the businesses that serve them, such as print and marketing service providers. Read more »

Hispanics: Increasing Influence and Driving U.S. Market Growth

Eve Padula
 Apr 23, 2012

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic/Latino population grew from 35.3 million in 2000 to nearly 50.5 million in 2010, representing an increase of 43% over the decade. The Hispanic population also accounted for over half of the nation’s population growth during that same timeframe. In 2010, Hispanics accounted for 16% of the U.S. population, and this share is expected to further increase as time goes on. Because the Hispanic population is growing in size and influence, InfoTrends recently published its first report focusing specifically on these individuals.

In April 2012, Nielsenalso released a report exploring the mobile and social behaviors of Hispanic consumers in the United States. Many of the findings in the Nielsen study support InfoTrends’ survey data. The Table below outlines some of the general findings from Nielsen’s report and explains how they correlate to InfoTrends’ survey data.

Nielsen Finding InfoTrends’ Survey Results
The U.S. Hispanic population is generally young. Nearly 51% of Hispanics/Latinos are under the age of 35, compared to just 32% of the total survey base.
  Hispanics reported a mean age of 35.7 years, which is a full 8 years younger than total respondents (43.7 years).
Hispanics are leading the mobile revolution. Nearly 57% of Hispanics own smartphones with cameras, compared to just 43% of total respondents.
  When asked to describe their primary photo capture device, nearly 42% of Hispanics cited a camera phone or smartphone with camera. Among the total respondent pool, this share was under 29%.
Hispanics often lead the general market as Early Adopters of technology. Over 26% of Hispanics considered themselves to be Early Adopters of technology, compared to less than 22% of total respondents. Hispanics were also less likely to categorize themselves as Late Adopters.

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Online Chat: A Popular Feature on Chinese Printing Web Sites

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Web sites have become an important marketing tool for the Chinese printing market. To show you exactly how commercial printers are using, I researched web sites of some printing companies in Shenyang (my hometown):

Here is Jiaqiao Printing’s Web site. Note: the transparent blue box with a woman is chat message box


Here is Liangyi’s web site. Note: the dark blue box with two blank lines at the upper right corner represents the chat tool.

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