InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week Ending October 28th, 2011

Randall Dazo
 Oct 31, 2011

InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week Ending October 28th, 2011.  This week’s stories include:

  • New Products from Kyocera Mita
  • RIcoh’s New MDS 2.0
  • New Scanning Solutions from Canon, Dymo and Fujitsu
  • Mobile Print Solutions from Toshiba and Lexmark
  • NSi Government Solution
  • Acquisition News

Nothing Is Scarier than Comic Sans

Jim Hamilton

As we celebrate Halloween today, I wonder how many of you (at least those of you who love words and typography as much as I do) would agree that there is nothing scarier than the use of Comic Sans in the hands of the design-challenged. Read more »

M-real to shut down Alizay – Buyers not found

Catherine Cresswell
 Oct 26, 2011

On October 18th 2011, M-real announced that the ailing Alizay paper mill in France will be shut down. The mill is running currently at EUR 3million (US$ 4.2 million) a month losses even after major efforts to turn this around. Satisfactory offers for the mill have also not been found despite the mill approaching more than 80 potential companies over the past four months and eighteen showing some interest. Two companies, reputedly Thailand’s Double A and the French turnaround company in’active, put forward offers, but these have been declined as they do not fulfil M-real’s criteria to ensure that the mill would continue to run rather than ultimately be shut down. M-real’s concern was to ensure that any buyer would be able to take responsibility for its 330 employees and the business risks. However, as a result the company now begins the consultation process for the shut down. Employees are reported to have reacted angrily and taken action to immediately halt production. Read more »

InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week Ending October 14th, 2001

Randall Dazo
 Oct 14, 2011

InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week Ending October 14th, 2001. This week’s stories include:

  • New Products from Xerox and Epson
  • New Solutions from Lexmark, ACS, All Covered and Xerox
  • The BlackBerry Outages

Collins Ink Terminates Agreement with Kodak Versamark

Jim Hamilton

In an announcement that it posted on its web site on Tuesday, Collins Ink stated that it was ending its agreement to provide inkjet ink to Kodak Versamark printers. It said that its customers would be able to purchase Collins-branded inks directly from Collins at prices that it noted would be lower than Kodak’s.

In response to the Collins announcement Kodak released the following statement, which was published nearly in its entirety in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle:

“Collins Ink abruptly and without justification breached its contract to supply inks for Kodak Versamark digital printing systems. This shows a tremendous disregard for our customers’ needs. Ensuring a continuous supply of matched, high-quality inks with inkjet printheads for our Versamark customers is of utmost importance to Kodak, and we are committed to delivering an uninterrupted flow of ink.”

Read more »

Everyone Knows the iPad is Dominating: Here Are Some Other Facts about Tablets!

Eve Padula
 Oct 12, 2011

Microsoft popularized the concept of a “tablet personal computer” at the beginning of the 21st Century, but nearly a decade would pass before the idea of a consumer tablet became widespread. In early 2010, the mobile market changed forever when Apple introduced its iPad tablet, which weighed less than 2 pounds and featured an intuitive touch screen interface. The iPad met with instant success, and a barrage of competitive products quickly followed suit–at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) back in January, over 80 new tablets from other vendors were announced.

Despite the availability of competing products, it almost goes without saying that Apple’s iPad is dominating the market. According to InfoTrends’ research, about 80% of tablet owners have Apple iPads, while nearly 36% have tablets from other vendors. (These percentages add up to more than 100% because some households own multiple tablets.) Read more »

Photo Merchandising – Target Existing Customers as well as New Ones to Grow Business

Other Posts
 Oct 11, 2011

InfoTrends research shows that even though awareness of photo merchandise is high, less than half of Western European digital camera owners have purchased photo merchandise items in the past year. Nevertheless adoption rates are increasing year-over-year. Read more »

InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week Ending October 7th, 2011

Randall Dazo
 Oct 9, 2011

InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week Ending October 7th, 2011. This week’s stories include:

  • NSI New Updates
  • Oce Sells MPS to the US Government
  • HP New Solutions and Services
  • New Apple iPhone 4S
  • Acquisitions in the News

What’s Happening with Kodak?

Jim Hamilton
 Oct 7, 2011

Three recent developments have raised questions about Kodak’s financial status. These are the announcement that Kodak plans on selling some intellectual property, the news of the hiring of the Jones Day law firm, and Kodak’s move to take advantage of its revolving loan. I spoke this week with Kodak President and Chief Operating Officer Phil Faraci to get some clarification. What I learned should help ease concerns about Kodak’s status. Read more »

The iPhone 4S: A Cool Phone with a Sweet 8MP Camera: But It’s NOT the iPhone 5!

Carrie Sylvester
 Oct 5, 2011

On Tuesday, October 4, the Apple fans (and even the “not so much” fans) waited in anticipation to hear all about the iPhone 5. Sure enough, an announcement was made… but it was for the iPhone 4S rather than the 5.

Some people were surely let down when Tim Cook walked on stage to make this much-anticipated announcement. Many were sure that yesterday was going to mark the launch of the iPhone 5, and instead it turned out to be news of a souped-up version of the iPhone 4. I myself would typically grumble about the hype and wonder why the world goes crazy over these launch events… particularly when the news turns out to be somewhat anticlimactic. Instead, this self-professed “not so much” Apple fan yet avid camera lover (traditional or mobile) was thrilled to hear that Apple had further stepped up its game by including an 8MP embedded camera in its newest smartphone.

Read more »

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