Lexmark Granted General Exclusion Order by ITC

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 Jun 30, 2011

On June 20, Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Charneski of the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) determined that a general exclusion order for case no. 337-TA-740 filed by complainant Lexmark, was justified. Read more »

Information or Memories? Curating and Creating in a Sea of Images

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InfoTrends forecasts that 80 billion images will be captured in the U.S. alone, in 2011. That number is expected to grow to 105 billion images by 2015. As camera phones proliferate and advance in capture technology, at the same time as digital cameras continue to populate the consumer market, the role of the photography in our everyday life is going to change.

With the rise in images being captured and shared, the questions I have are centered on understanding if images are shifting away from being lasting pieces of memorabilia to vehicles in which a thousand words can be shared in a matter of seconds. Is the image information or a keepsake?  We’ve seen tremendous changes in society take place through the sharing of images that are captured for the primary purpose of being used as information. We can look to the revolutions in the Middle East as current examples. We’ve also seen a decline in the number of traditional prints consumers make and an increase in the numbers of images residing in a digital only format. Read more »

Xerox ColorQube: Breaking New Ground in Office Color Printing

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Two years ago, Xerox introduced the ColorQube 9200 series MFPs–a new class of multifunctional products with two key design elements in mind: to make color more affordable and accessible for office workgroup users.

A multi-tiered, hybrid color pricing plan allows customers to more effectively pay for the color they use. Meanwhile, the solid ink-based marking system provides a reliable platform that is easier to use, requires less maintenance, and delivers significant environmental benefits when compared with similar laser-based products. Read more »

Official Launch of Office 365 Heightens Cloud Market Competitiveness

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 Jun 28, 2011

Although Microsoft’s official launch of their cloud offering didn’t create as big of a buzz as Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer still had plenty of enthusiasm for Office 365 during his 30 minute announcement this morning in New York.

The key themes during the presentation were collaboration, productivity, and scalability. Ballmer highlighted the features of real-time collaboration tools, like virtual meetings, editing documents, and sharing calendars with team members, all which can be done on PCs and mobile devices. For Microsoft, good collaboration is about instant access and is critical to business growth, which is key for businesses of all sizes. (If you want a recap of the announcement with product demos, you can watch it here). Read more »

The value of a photo? How about $2.3 million!

Ed Lee

There is an ongoing debate about the value of a photograph. It’s been stated as recently as the 6Sight Imaging Conference in San Jose, CA, June 21-22, that the value of a photo is at its highest point right after it is taken and then its value declines rapidly. So, print vendors and retailers need to get consumers to print their photos as soon as possible. However, we’ve said that at some point in time the trend can reverse itself and a photo can increase in value as the image becomes a historic memory. In most cases, it will not exceed its initial value, but there are exceptions. Read more »

Latin America Primed for Office Document Solutions & Services

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 Jun 27, 2011

Latin America represents one of the largest growth opportunities for office document technology & services. According to data from the IMF and World Bank, GDP is growing 2 to 3 times faster than developed markets creating an environment that is ripe for new products and services.

According to recent end-user data, business confidence is high in Brazil and Argentina. 150 IT decision makers from each region were asked to compare their confidence in their business prospects over the next 12 months with the previous 12 months. Almost 90% of respondents from Brazil indicated they were much more or slightly more confident. 82% of Argentinians expressed the same confidence levels. Read more »

InfoTrends ODT Week in Review – Week ending June 24th, 2011

Randall Dazo
 Jun 24, 2011

In this week in review you will hear about:

  • Print Audits new MPS suite
  • Epson’s update to its mobile printing app
  • Oce and Canon
  • The Security Segment
  • Box and Google docs
  • Microsoft server crash
  • Expansion of domain names

BYOD: Bring-Your-Own-Device to Work…But Don’t Expect Much Security

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Consumerization of IT is one of the major forces shifting the way office workers and organizations operate. Although still in its infancy, we can already see the effects of consumers bringing in personal devices and using personal online services within the workplace. And thanks to tech-savvy Generation Y’ers and Z’ers (born with iPod-in-hand), the consumerization-of-IT trend is only going to grow, and rapidly at that.

Because PCs have been the standard computing device for quite some time, an organization’s IT department is able to easily administer access and information between a desktop computer and a company network. Today, the line differentiating work devices and personal devices is rather fuzzy, and the line between how those devices are used is even fuzzier. An organization’s IT department now has to juggle multiple mobile devices where the majority of them are not company-owned. Read more »

What is the Strategic Path for the USPS?

Matt Swain
 Jun 23, 2011

Last week’s PostalVision 2020 event in Washington D.C. was positioned to help address the relevance of the current U.S. Postal Service model in a digital age and provide actionable direction for how it can evolve to a sustainable business model. Attendees included senior executives from the USPS, the Office of Inspector General, the Postal Regulatory Commission, key postal labor unions, innovators and digital start-ups, large enterprises with high-volume mail output, shipping companies, professors, consultants, analysts, and press.

The event’s organizer, John Callan, engaged InfoTrends to act as a strategic advisor to the event through program development, a primary speaking slot, and to moderate a panel with digital innovators. In my session entitled “U.S. Postal Review and Emerging Digital Alternatives,” I provided an overview of the current (and former) state of the USPS, a discussion of trends driving other key players in the print & mail market to evolve, emerging services focused on hybrid and digital mail solutions, a review of a proposition for postal service change, and ended with a very pointed question—what is the strategic path for the USPS?

The USPS—along with Congress, the regulators, and the unions—needs to come to a consensus on what their 2020 vision is. I outlined three paths for change, as represented in the graphic below:


  Read more »

Frankly Speaking: A Snapshot of the Printing Industry

Frank Romano
 Jun 22, 2011

Printing Impressions magazine publishes an annual list of printing companies. Even though some companies who should be there are not, it is good representative list of 400 printers that range from over $10 Billion to $4 million.

How many and what percentage are based in the midwest?  Read more »

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