Delphax to Develop Production Color Inkjet Product Based on Memjet Heads

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 29, 2011

Over the past year there have been quite a few Memjet partnership announcements, but most have been for office or tabletop label printers. In the production document space, there was the announcement from Neopost about a Memjet partnership, but yesterday’s news from Delphax is the first time that Memjet has been linked to a company with a history of selling production document printing systems. That’s interesting news.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Outages and Breaches

Other Posts
 Apr 28, 2011

Last week’s outage of Amazon’s EC2 cloud services and Sony’s hacked PlayStation Network brought us down from cloud nine; forcing upon us the same questions of security and reliability within cloud computing and online networks that has been swirling around the IT industry for quite some time.

Amazon’s EC2 cloud services failure affected sites like Foursquare, Reddit, and Quora, while Sony’s PlayStation Network outage continues to frustrate gamers entering its eighth day. More importantly, however, is credit card information and personal data that was allegedly stolen from Sony PlayStation users.

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A good start to 2011 for EFI may be good news all round

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 Apr 27, 2011

EFI’s first quarter figures suggest a resurgence for the firm and the sector, especially in Europe.

First quarter revenues for EFI grew strongly with the figures back in the range last recorded in 2007 before the financial crisis.

Compared to Q1 2010 revenues were up 26% to $140.1m, with a net income of $6.2m a reversal of 2010’s $11.4m loss for the period.

Geographically, the EMEA region led the resurgence with revenues up 42% to $44.5m; the Americas remained the firm’s largest market with revenues of $74.2m (up 18.5%). The strong growth experienced in Europe was attributed to the bounce back of the economy following the financial crisis, suggesting that the business climate is returning to more normal levels. Read more »

What’s in a name?

Ed Lee
 Apr 25, 2011

A short term challenge that the digital camera industry has not addressed is standardizing on what to call the new crop of interchangeable lens cameras. Technically, they don’t qualify as Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras because they do not contain a mirror box. Mirrorless camera is a term that is currently being used by many, but it is not a name that we think will stand the test of time.

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Digital vs. Print … Publishing Industry Tipping Point Revisited

Jeff Hayes
 Apr 21, 2011

Last summer I wrote a blog suggesting the publishing industry may soon reach a tipping point – a point at which the industry accelerates towards a digital business model and away from a print-based model. Recent financial results from, Gannett, The New York Times, and Apple provide further evidence that the industry is closer to that point.


You probably recall last summer announced for the first time it was selling more Kindle and e-books than hardcover books. In its full year 2010 financial results disclosed some other amazing statistics: Read more »

Save the Photographs

Jim Hamilton
 Apr 18, 2011

Save the Photographs” is the title of a wonderful song by Fran Landesman that could easily serve as an anthem for the photo merchandise industry. It contains these memorable closing lines:

If you ever find my house on fire
Leave the silver, save the photographs.

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Converting Printing Plants into Data Centers – More Irony in the Publishing Industry

Jeff Hayes
 Apr 14, 2011

Earlier this month I/O Data Centers opened their latest modular data center facility at the former site of the New York Times printing plant in Edison, NJ. Apparently printing plants and paper mills have many characteristics that are desired for mega-sized data centers being constructed around the world. How ironic.

The New York Times Co. originally opened the state-of-the-art printing plant in 1992, less than one year after Tim Berners-Lee posted a short summary of the World Wide Web project he had been working on at CERN. Noted Berners-Lee in his post, “The WWW project merges the techniques of information retrieval and hypertext to make an easy but powerful global information system.”

Fast forward 16 years and the publisher announced it was shutting down the facility, reducing the size of the paper by one and a half inches and consolidating production operations at its College Point facility in Queens New York. Read more »

Canon DreamLabo 5000 Targets Photo Market

Jim Hamilton

The day before ON DEMAND 2011 opened, Canon invited printing industry analysts to see its new DreamLabo 5000, which is targeted toward the production photo printing market. Using a 12-inch printhead and seven dye-based aqueous ink colors (CMYK plus light cyan, light magenta, and gray) the device’s key selling point is its quality level, which Canon says compares very favorably to silver halide reproduction methods. Indeed, the samples that Canon handed out were very impressive. The DreamLabo 5000 is capable of producing a 20-page A4-format photo album in 72 seconds or forty 4”x 6” photo prints in a minute. These speeds are much faster than silver halide processes, yet the quality is comparable. Ink and paper can be changed on the fly.

Canon DreamLabo 5000 at ON DEMAND 2011

Canon DreamLabo 5000 at ON DEMAND 2011

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Adobe Releases Creative Suite 5.5

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 Apr 11, 2011

Only a year after the release of Creative Suite 5, Adobe has announced a mid-cycle update dubbed Creative Suite 5.5, and there are a few key highlights worth noting.

Addressing the rapid adoption of tablet devices and smartphones, support has been added across a number of Creative Suite applications for designers incorporating these mediums in their design repertoire. Read more »

Digi:media – a new trade show on print-media integration

Ralf Schlozer

There are countless tradeshows addressing the whole or parts of the graphic arts industry and apart from half a dozen global flagship trade shows most receive only regional attention. However when the organisers of drupa, the mother of all graphic arts trade shows, come up with a new event, it is worth having a look.

Digi:media is billed as an addition to drupa, not only to bridge the three years between the drupas. Digi:media has been set up to cover the entire digital process chain for digital media. Print is covered from content creation and creative stage to the finished product with special focus on print’s integration with other media. The exhibition is flanked by numerous conferences and special events. Read more »

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