Konica Minolta Europe partners with Getronics

Deborah Hawkins
 Jan 27, 2011

End November 2010, Konica Minolta Europe (KM) announced a partnership with Getronics BV to provide break/fix services, contract management and service desk facilities for Konica Minolta clients across EMEA. With this partnership initially rolled out in the Netherlands from 1st Jan 2011, we took a look at how this changes everyday business for KM in NL and the outlook for other European countries.

But first and foremost, who is Getronics and what can they offer KM clients? Getronics with global HQ in the Netherlands claims to be a worldwide leading ICT provider employing 13,000 staff worldwide focused on workspace management services, connectivity, datacenters, and consultancy. Getronics has progressively built up its IT offering with notable steps comprising the take-over of WANG computers in 1999 and an integration into the KPN (Royal Post Netherlands) the main national telecoms provider in the NL in 2007.

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EskoArtwork helps with corrugated converting also

Bob Leahey
 Jan 24, 2011

In the Color Digital Label & Packaging (CDLP) service we concentrate mainly on primary packaging such as prime labels, folding cartons, and flexible packaging. Converters in each of those applications use software from EskoArtwork, for graphic design of labels and for both graphic and structural design of folding cartons and flexible packaging. A recent news item reminded us that EskoArtwork is also a top vendor to converters for an adjacent application, corrugated containers. In corrugated packaging, EskoArtwork seems to repeat its role in enhancing design and speed as seen in converting for primary packaging.

York Container, the subject of the coverage, is a single source supplier of corrugated shipping containers, as well as retail packaging and point of purchase displays. York, which has nearly 200 employees, deals with the entire packaging production workflow, from providing raw materials and structural solutions to creative graphic design and in-line production of printing, die-cutting, coating, folding, and gluing. Read more »

Defining the Mobile Knowledge Worker

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Mobile knowledge workers are arguably the fastest-growing segment of today’s office workforce. InfoTrends anticipates significant changes in how and where mobile knowledge workers create, access, collaborate, print, and perform many information-based business processes.  But what is a mobile knowledge worker? InfoTrends recently completed a major multi-client study looking at emerging opportunities in the mobile knowledge worker environment. One of the key challenges was defining what a mobile knowledge worker is. First, we started with defining a knowledge worker. Read more »

Heidelberg’s Digital Print Partner Will Be?

Jim Hamilton

In December I wrote about Heidelberg’s search for one or more digital print partners. Earlier in the year at IPEX it appeared that they would make some decisions before the end of 2010. It turns out that they were really saying that their decision would come within a year’s time, so their announcement will probably not come until March or April. In December, however, they did clarify that their focus was on a short-run color partner with a product in the 60 to 90 page per minute range capable of printing volumes of over 80,000 A4 color impressions per month. Canon, HP, Kodak, Konica Minolta, MGI, Ricoh, RISO, and Xerox all have products fitting this profile, but not all are a perfect fit given Heidelberg’s more recent statements in PrintWeek putting the price at €100,000 (approximately $136,000), narrowing the speed range to 80 to 90 ppm, and dismissing some of the possible candidates. Still, if this were a horse race here’s how we’d rank the potential winners, from most to least likely: Read more »

Ricoh Invests in Services Business Model

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 Jan 21, 2011

At a global event held Thursday, January 20th, Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced its intentions to aggressively shift its business model to a more services-oriented model through the expansion of its global Managed Document Service (MDS) offering.  This shift is highlighted by Ricoh’s commitment to invest $300 million USD into the MDS program over the next three years. Read more »

Niiu, the First Individualised Printed Newspaper, Ceases Production

Ralf Schlozer

Niiu, the first and most high-profile individualised printed newspaper, ceased printing and distributing its newspaper. I covered the first steps of niiu almost exactly one year ago in two blog posts (available at The personalised newspaper is here and The personalised newspaper followe up) .
On 19 January 2011, Inter-Ti, the publisher of the niiu, stopped printing and distributing the newspaper. Niiu’s e-paper issue also ceased publication. According to Inter-Ti, the primary reasons for ceasing production included the failure to attract sufficient subscribers and the high cost of distribution. Niiu’s publishers set themselves a target of 5,000 subscribers, but they missed this goal.

It is sad to see the trial end, although it is not entirely unexpected for the first attempt to change a paradigm. I felt there were several shortcomings in the implementation, primarily in the composition process of the personalised paper (e.g., missing content, too little possibilities to fine-tune content, breaking of articles across pages, not enough content personalisation options, and no personalisation of ads. Sadly, I did not have the opportunity to check whether these challenges had been overcome until now.

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Independent Office Equipment Dealers Looking to Expand Business

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 Jan 19, 2011

In a recent survey of independent office equipment dealers, we asked respondents about their plans for expanding their business beyond their core functions. We asked to what degree they agreed with the following statement — “In general, our company is looking to expand its offerings, capabilities, and services into areas beyond our traditional business.” Read more »

The first sizeable offset press manufacturer files for bankruptcy

Ralf Schlozer
 Jan 17, 2011

The downturn in offset press sales has claimed its most prominent victim so far. While several finishing and press component suppliers have folded in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, Shinohara is the most prominent press manufacturer to file for bankruptcy protection so far.

With debts of over €70 million and revenues down to €20 million in the 2010 business year, Shinohara Co. Ltd. filed for bankruptcy protection last week on January 11th. This Japanese civil law filing is similar to a U.S. Chapter 11th. Shinohara’s sales dropped drastically in their past fiscal year from €45 million (5 billion Yen) in 2009 to €20 million (2.2 billion Yen) in 2010.

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Frankly Speaking: The Dead CD-ROM

Frank Romano
 Jan 14, 2011

Things change. Especially recorded media things. Remember floppy disks of all sizes, Zip disks, Syquest disks, and MO disks?

Then there was the Compact Disc, an optical disc used to store digital data. It was originally developed to store and playback audio recordings exclusively, but later expanded to encompass data storage. CDs have been commercially available since 1982. Read more »

A Video Look at Corporate Greeting Cards

Jim Hamilton

In this video I discuss the corporate holiday cards I received over the past month or so. Some of these cards were conventionally printed and some were digitally printed. The list of special effects include pop-up die-cuts, silver and gold metallic, embossing, and variable data tools such as personalized URLs, stamps, and QR codes. I also show two photo books that I received as gifts after attending industry analyst briefings.

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