Canon Sues Ninestar and Others over Toner Patents

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 Jun 30, 2010

According to recent news, Canon Inc. (Tokyo), Canon U.S.A., Inc. and Canon Virginia, Inc. filed a 337 complaint on Monday, June 28, 2010, with the U.S. International Trade Commission to investigate whether Ninestar Image International Ltd. and others infringed two patents for a series of toner cartridges that can be used in Canon and Hewlett-Packard printers. Reportedly, Canon has also filed a companion lawsuit in federal court in New York. The ITC complaint (Docket No: 2743) alleges that 20 respondents have unlawfully imported infringing toner cartridges and related products into the United States. Canon would like to block these imports. Read more »

InfoTrends Wraps Successful PhotoPublishing Summit

Alan Bullock
 Jun 24, 2010
Xerox's Brian Segnit Delivers One of the Keynote Presentations at the 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit

Xerox's Brian Segnit Delivers a Keynote Presentation at the 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit

InfoTrends’ 2010 PhotoPublishing Summit was held last week in Chicago. This event, now in its third year, brings together sponsors, invited VIP guests, and other representatives of print, photo, retail, and other industries to explore opportunities in the rapidly growing market for custom and short-run photo specialty products that help consumers to tell their life stories and businesses to communicate more effectively. Read more »

The Future of Reading Symposium

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The Rochester Institute of Technology hosted its first Future of Reading Symposium on June 9-12. The intent of the event was to explore the effect new information exchange technologies (i.e., e-readers, tablets, Internet, social media) are having on the business and act of reading.  The event showcased reading trends from both academic and application perspectives. The academic side focused on the physical, psychological, and philosophical side of the act of reading. The application side focused on real world applications centered on the new methods for content distribution.

The symposium featured some heavy hitters in the publishing and online worlds, including Chris Anderson, Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine; Jon Orwant, Engineering Manager of Google; Molly Barton, Director of Business Development of Penguin Group USA; and Jane Friedman, CEO and Co-founder of Open Road Integrated Media. Below are key highlights from these speakers:

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Nine Reasons Why Digital Packaging is Growing

Nichole Jones
 Jun 22, 2010

Digital package printing is poised for big growth as advances in digital printing technology can now feed heightened demand for shorter runs of packages and labels from consumer goods manufacturers. At the same time, while many printing markets are losing share to the Internet, packaging is a market that can’t be digitized. Package printers, converters, and commercial printers can all benefit by expanding into this market.

According to our 2010 Market Assessment: Color Digital Printing in Packaging and Label Converting, InfoTrends projects that digital package printing will grow 15.7% annually, rising from $1.8 billion in 2009 to over $3.7 billion in 2014. Packaging represents the single biggest analog-to-digital print opportunity in the graphic communications market.

Key growth contributors include: 

  1. Increases in private labeling and resulting shorter runs
  2. Package testing
  3. Customizing for target markets or event marketing
  4. Making the package interactive
  5. Streamlined solutions for secure variable data label printing
  6. Improvements in supply chain management
  7. An emphasis on sustainability
  8. Expanded media options
  9. Available technology (e.g., the presses and beyond)

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Reinventing Pitney Bowes

Jeff Hayes
 Jun 17, 2010

Pitney Bowes is best known for selling, leasing and servicing mailing equipment to a large customer base across North America. While this business has grown steadily and generated strong cash flow for many years, it has come under significant pressure as Internet-based services displace first-class and direct mail.

Over the last 10 years Pitney Bowes has been deliberately re-inventing the company through acquisitions, partnerships, and internal initiatives to provide new services, reach new customers, and expand into other geographies.

After meeting with the Pitney Bowes senior leadership team last Thursday, our take is that the company is strongly focusing on software-based solutions and related services that complement its traditional mail business, generating substantially more revenue from enterprise accounts, and steadily expanding outside of North America.

Technology Fair at Pitney Bowes Global Innovation Day

Technology Fair at Pitney Bowes Global Innovation Day

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What Does Fujifilm’s New VDP Software Tell Us?

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 Jun 15, 2010

Fujifilm Simple Products (FFSP), a software development subsidiary of Fujifilm, released its Form Magic 4 Variable Data Print (VDP) software introduction on June 8, 2010. FFSP is one of the primary VDP software vendors in the Japanese market. According to an InfoTrends report exploring the Japanese POD solutions market (published December 2008), Fujifilm had a market share of 12% in 2007–making it the fourth-largest player in terms of volume base and new licenses sold for graphic arts use). During a press conference on Form Magic 4, FFSP claimed that its customer base was currently in excess of 250.

The VDP software market is currently dominated by Japanese players such as Morisawa, Tapcom, and FFSP. These Japanese vendors accounted for more than 70% of Japan’s VDP market because:

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How to Avoid Having a Lousy Press Event

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 9, 2010

Two recent trade shows, ON DEMAND and IPEX, are now behind us and as a printing industry market analyst I have been exposed to a lot of pre-show briefings and press conferences over the past couple of months (not to mention literally hundreds of such events over many years). Some have been good, but a surprising number have been terrible. Here are some of the major issues I’ve seen along with some suggestions for how they could be improved:

  • Too short/too little information — I’ve been in on two recent press events where the presenters rushed through a 10 minute presentation, glossing over key details of some very big announcements, and then opened up for questions & answers. Remedy: If you are going to all of the effort of inviting press and analysts to this type of event, whether in person or on a conference call, you’ve got a captive audience. Take advantage of it! Journalists and analysts expect to sit for half an hour at least. Use the time well.
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Neryos Previews a 300-ppm, A3-Format, Cut-Sheet, Color Inkjet Printer

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 7, 2010

A new A3-format color inkjet printer was unveiled at IPEX by a French company called Neryos. I didn’t hear about it until I was back in the United States, so I made a point of setting up a call with Dominique Martin, the Neryos CEO, to talk about the IPN75, which the company boldly described in an IPEX preview showing as the “most productive sheet-fed colour inkjet printer ever.” The product is interesting in part because it shows how a company with systems integration experience can leverage a modular component like an inkjet head into a high-speed production color system.

Neryos IPN75

Neryos IPN75

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Thought Leadership and Books

Jim Hamilton
 Jun 1, 2010

On a regular basis Xerox invites customers and prospects to the Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation in Webster, New York to explore a given topic. They call these events Thought Leadership Workshops and there are usually about thirty to fifty attendees who in addition to getting the opportunity to hear speakers talk about the market, also benefit from seeing Xerox technologies first hand. Another benefit is that each of these attendees brings an added dimension of market experience to the workshop that they share with the group in interactions over the course of the event. I believe that these interactions are key aspect of the overall experience.

So I was delighted to be invited by Xerox to speak at a Thought Leadership Workshop on “The Changing Book Publishing Model” that took place recently. My job was to provide an update on current trends in digital printing at an evening event at Artisan Works, a remarkable non-profit Rochester institution that provides studio space and supports artists through a range of community activities while also providing one of the most unique venues for corporate entertainment that I have ever seen. In my talk I spent 45 minutes going over recent technology developments, providing some baseline definitions, tracking the history of digital book printing, and looking at some examples of how books are becoming more interactive.

Event at Artisan Works, Courtesy of Xerox Corporation

Event at Artisan Works, Photo courtesy of Xerox Corporation

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