HP Scrubs Edgeline MFP Program

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 Mar 30, 2010

Not quite three years since the initial launch, HP has officially discontinued its Edgeline MFP program. The two Edgeline-based color MFPs, the CM8050 and CM8060, were introduced with a great deal of fanfare and market speculation–not only because of the unique ink-based marking technology employed in the products but also because these were the industry’s first products to offer a usage-based pricing model with a multi-tiered pricing scheme for color. HP’s intent with the Edgeline platform was to challenge traditional color laser-based MFPs, and ultimately drive color adoption in the office by lowering the per-page printing costs.

HP has little to say about the cancellation of the program, except to confirm that it has discontinued production of the CM8050 and CM8060 effective immediately. With inventory still available, HP says it will continue to offer the products as part of its MFP lineup through Spring 2010. Moving forward, HP will build out its own laser-based MFP portfolio for non-MPS customers. For MPS customers, HP will continue to sell HP-branded products and Canon-branded MFPs available through the Canon alliance. According to HP, the firm will support all outstanding warranties, including all Service Level Agreements for current HP CM8060/CM8050 customers. HP also says it will provide service and parts support for the Edgeline-based MFPs for five years after the final shipment date.

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Nuance Analyst Briefing 2010

Randall Dazo
 Mar 26, 2010

In February, Nuance held an industry analyst briefing to provide an update of new announcements, status of the acquisition and integration of eCopy, and the future direction of the imaging group. Robert Weideman, Nuance General Manager and SVP, kicked off the meeting with an overview of Nuance and the history of their company. With the tagline “Nuance — the experience speaks for itselfâ„¢”, Mr. Weideman recounted the rich history of applications, solutions and technology wins for the company. Some of these include mobile solutions in over 3 billion cell phones, applications in 4,000 healthcare institutions, and more than 8 billion customer care interactions annually utilizing some form of Nuance technology. Although many of these accolades stem from their speech to text division, there are certainly strong statistics coming from their document imaging group such as more than 21 million registered desktop users and 100,000 MFP solutions. Nonetheless, Nuance has positioned itself as a leader in the conversion space, whether it is voice or image to text. Read more »

CTIA 2010 – Android makes a splash on new smartphones

Carrie Sylvester
 Mar 25, 2010

The CTIA 2010 Convention, one of the leading wireless industry tradeshows opened its doors on Tuesday, March 23rd in Las Vegas, NV and will run through the 25th. CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) the Wireless Association, is an international membership organization that has represented the wireless communications industry since 1984, launched the convention in 1985, and tradeshow in 1987. The 1984 event had fewer than 200 attendees and expects to welcome tens of thousands (actual numbers not yet available) of visitors in 2010.

 The tradeshow/convention is the launching pad for all things cellular including WiMAX, LTE, mobile payments, and of course mobile phones. This blog post highlights the noteworthy mobile imaging devices that were launched at CTIA 2010.

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Presstek Announces Larger Format Multi-Station DI Press

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 19, 2010

Presstek announced this week that the larger format DI product that it first mentioned at drupa 2008 will be shown at IPEX in May and Graph Expo in October. The product is called the Presstek 75DI and is a multi-unit press with a 31.02″ x 23.62″ (788 x 600 mm) format. This size, which will fit 6-up letter, is even larger than the 4-up format that InfoTrends initially assumed it would be. Presstek has chosen a tower design that will allow up to ten colors (plus optional aqueous coating). After beta testing, Presstek expects the 75DI will be available prior to the end of 2010. In the future it expects to offer features such as perfecting (i.e., duplexing), printing with UV inks, and other types of coating. List pricing will start at around $1,175,000 for a four-unit press and go up from there depending on the number of stations and other options.

Five-station Presstek 75DI

Five-station Presstek 75DI

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Eye-Fi eyes up the European market

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 Mar 17, 2010

At the end of 2009, Eye-Fi, the makers of wireless SD cards that let digital camera owners wirelessly upload photos and videos to a computer or the Internet, entered the UK and French markets. Eye-Fi offers 4 versions of their SD card. The Share Video (4GB) and Pro (4GB) cards enable direct uploading to the web from the camera, while the Geo (2GB) and Home Video (4GB) cards enable wireless uploading to a computer (both PC and Mac are supported), but not directly to the Internet. The Eye-Fi cards retail from €49 for the entry-level Geo card to €129 for the pro card. Eye-Fi cards are currently available from a small number of retailers in France and the UK.

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Facebook Keeps More Pixels

Alan Bullock

Facebook recently increased the maximum size of photos uploaded to its site from 604 pixels to 720 pixels (longest dimension). The phased rollout was completed for all users in early March. While many observers see this as a nearly 20% increase in size, the actual increase is just over 42% for most images, as most users will not be increasing just one dimension of their photos. Read more »

3D TV Battle Heats Up – What’s the implications for digital photography?

Ed Lee
 Mar 15, 2010

In March, Samsung and Panasonic announced the launch of their first 3D-capable TVs. Coming from Samsung are 46-inch and 55-inch models of the LED C7000 HDTV, priced at $2,600 and $3,300 MSRP, respectively. Panasonic is marketing a Full HD 3D Home Theatre System, through Best Buys’ Magnolia Home Theaters. The combined system will cost $2,900 and consists of a 50-inch plasma 3D HDTV ($2,500 MSRP), one pair of 3D active shutter lens eyewear (Additional pairs will cost $150) and a 3D Blu-ray Disc player ($400 MSRP). More introductions are expected from Samsung and Panasonic later this year. Others like Sony and LG will also follow early this summer.

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Candy Bars and Books on Demand

Jim Hamilton
 Mar 12, 2010

Recently I wrote about the Xerox/On Demand Books announcement (Xerox and On Demand Books Collaborate on Espresso Book Machine) and it has gotten me thinking about the purpose of a book-on-demand machine, or what is also sometimes called a book kiosk. What types of books are best suited for a book kiosk? If the kiosk is in a book store, it generally wouldn’t need to be used for anything that could be found in the store, unless the store had run out of a mass-produced book and the book kiosk could create a suitable facsimile in a timely and economic fashion. The fit would be much better if the desired title were obscure (like an out-of-print book), targeted (like a university course pack), niche-oriented (too quirky to be stocked on shelves), customized (perhaps drawn from a reservoir of copyrighted content), personalized (maybe using a combination of personal and professional content), or self-published. The more likely that it couldn’t be found in the store, the better. But why does the book kiosk even have to be in a bookstore? What about airports, convention centers, hotels, resorts, theaters, retail stores, or cruise ships?

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Timely results and HP SmartStream Designer

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 Mar 11, 2010

Today HP announced the commercial availability of HP SmartStream Director 4.0. In the release HP notes that SmartStream Designer allows wide format printing organizations to offer faster turnaround and address the need for shorter runs and variable data. There has been an increasing focus on these tools for wide format among all kinds of printing organizations, but especially as more commercial printers invest in wide format digital printing systems. As it happens InfoTrends just got data back from our World Wide Survey III, a joint InfoTrends/FESPA study (look for results to be published next week). In it, 81% of the survey respondents, who are wide format print companies, reported they are seeing an increase in demand for shorter turnaround times. 67% reported an increase in demand for shorter runs. 52% have seen an increase in demand for more versioning and personalization.

We’ve been showing data like this for quite a while, with trends indicating a need for digital wide format systems to address variable data printing. Many of the 3rd-party wide format RIP solutions offer options and modules that enable variable data printing as well. We’ve been suggesting that important wide format product developments in 2010 would be aimed at easing the integration of wide format systems into the production environment. The launch of SmartStream Designer 4.0 for wide format certainly fits the description.

Google – A Nice Place For a Picnik

Alan Bullock
 Mar 2, 2010

Yesterday, Google announced its acquisition of Picnik, the online photo editor. Established in 2005, Picnik is a powerful Flash-based in-browser editing suite for photos that are already online, with tools well beyond the standard zoom/crop and rotate functions offered by most online photo services. Read more »

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