Noritsu Completes Lucidiom Acquisition

Alan Bullock
 Dec 18, 2009

This week, more than nine months after the announcement at PMA 2009, Noritsu America completed its acquisition of Lucidom. The move immediately strengthens Noritsu’s portfolio, providing a more complete solution for its retail customers Read more »

Digital Still Cameras… What a Difference Six Years Can Make!

Eve Padula
 Dec 16, 2009

InfoTrends recently published its 2009 Digital Still Camera End-User Survey for the United States. We have now been tracking this market for over a decade, but the changes that have occurred in just the past six years have been truly staggering.

Although the digital still camera market was not exactly in its infancy in 2003, it was certainly a much newer technology than it is today. Only 45% of the respondents to our 2003 survey owned digital cameras. According to our most recent survey, that percentage currently stands at about 70%.

Prior to 2005, digital cameras were primarily being adopted by more affluent households. Back in 2003, the mean annual household income among digital camera owners was $98,700. This average fell to $75,700 in 2004, which was still quite high but represented a considerable year-over-year drop. From 2005 through 2009, the average household income of our digital camera owners has hovered around $60,000 annually. The Figure below illustrates that the digital camera market began to enter the mainstream in 2005, and household incomes among digital camera owners have been much more stable since that time.


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Fuji Xerox Announces New High-Speed Cut-Sheet Color Products Using Chemical Toners

Jim Hamilton
 Dec 15, 2009

Fuji Xerox announced two new production color digital print models today: the 100-ppm Color 1000 Press and the 80-ppm Color 800 Press. (See the Fuji Xerox press release.) Several things stand out in this news:

  • The products use Xerox’s EA chemical toner — This is Xerox’s first high-end production color product using chemical toners (Nuvera EA already does so), which has important implications for lower running cost. Fuji Xerox referred to the toner as “Emulsion Aggregation-Eco Toner, or EA-Eco Toner.”
  • Clear toner is an option for the Color Press 1000 — Though it is not specifically stated in the release, the availability of a clear toner for a glossy finish or watermark printing implies that there is room for more than four color stations in the 1000. This would be a first for Xerox’s production color products.
  • The Fuji Xerox products will have a staggered launch — Fuji Xerox says that the Color 1000 Press will launch on January 29, 2010 and the Color 800 Press will launch sometime in the spring of 2010. Xerox Corporation has not yet announced these products and provided the following statement when approached by InfoTrends: “Fuji Xerox’s announcement of its launch plans for the Xerox Color 1000 Press and the Xerox Color 800 Press is the first phase of a global plan to bring this new product to market. Launch plans for these new presses are being finalized for the rest of the world. We will have more information to share in the first half of 2010. Xerox’s current high-end digital color portfolio remains intact throughout North America, Europe and other geographies.”
Fuji Xerox Color 1000/800 Press

Fuji Xerox Color 1000/800 Press

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The Magazine Cover the President Would Like to Have Back

Jim Hamilton
 Dec 13, 2009

Unless you have been under a rock for the past few weeks you will have heard about Tiger Wood’s personal meltdown. You may also have heard how the fiasco has impacted Barack Obama. In an incident of colossal bad timing, the President appeared alongside Woods on the cover of Golf Digest magazine under the unfortunate headline: “10 Tips Obama Can Take from Tiger.” Putting Tiger Woods with the President must have seemed like a pretty safe bet in concept. Up until the day after Thanksgiving, who had a safer brand than Tiger? Since then, of course, he has been under intense scrutiny and the butt of jokes from all the late night comics (see The Late Show with David Letterman for one example).

Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama on cover of Golf Digest magazine

Tiger Woods and President Barack Obama on cover of Golf Digest magazine

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Update on the Océ Acquisition: Canon Now Owns 25% of Océ’s Ordinary Shares

Other Posts
 Dec 2, 2009

On December 1st, Canon gave notice to the AMF (Dutch Authority Financial Markets) that it had acquired through market purchases a number of Ordinary Shares representing approximately 20.0% of Océ’s total issued share capital. Canon acquired these ordinary shares at an average price of €8.546, with €8.59 being the highest price paid. Canon reports that it has now acquired approximately 25.3% of Océ’s total Ordinary Shares.

A Dutch financial newspaper stated that it will be difficult for Canon to buy more of Océ’s shares, as this will increase the trading price and Canon cannot buy shares at a higher price than its public offer.

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