Adobe’s Call to Action

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 29, 2009

I recently attended Canon’s Integrated Solutions Showcase in Las Vegas. The Tuesday keynote at that event was presented by Dr. Naresh Gupta of Adobe. Dr. Gupta is a Senior Vice President in Adobe’s Print and Publishing Business Unit and is the Managing Director of Adobe’s Research and Development group in India. Gupta’s message to the crowd of Canon customers, dealers, and employees was a sobering one and was built around dropping print/copy volumes and the move to electronic and mobile communications. His presentation, entitled “Imaging for Today’s Enterprise,” was a real call to action for solutions that provide additional value beyond print. Read more »

O-pinion: Oki’s MPS Portal Reviewed

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In a week that’s sure to be dominated by Xerox-ACS analysis, let’s focus on another vendor that is quietly gaining traction in the Managed Print Services (MPS) market — namely, Oki Printing Solutions and their 3-tier Total Managed Print program. At the lowest tier, the PageStart option helps channel players sell Oki products  with comprehensive supplies and services under a cost-per-page (CPP) model. Nothing novel here, but Oki’s partner portal takes this offering to another level altogether.

Oki’s Business Partner Exchange (BPX) is no ordinary Web site but rather an MPS application in the cloud. Using a step-by-step process, the portal takes channel players through easy-to-answer questions:

  • “Select the contract term”
  • “Choose your primary distributor”
  • “Input your margin for this product”
  • “Choose your accessories,” and other MPS proposal fields. Read more »

Thinking Beyond the Box – Xerox to Acquire ACS

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 Sep 28, 2009

Today, Xerox Corporation announced that it had reached a definitive agreement to acquire Affiliated Computer Services (ACS). ACS, headquartered in Dallas, TX, is one of the world’s largest diversified business process outsourcing firms. ACS is a $6.5 billion company with revenue growth of 6 percent and new business signings of $1 billion in annual, recurring revenue during its fiscal 2009. The combined Xerox-ACS company will have $22 billion of annual revenue, $17 billion of which will come in on a recurring basis.

Xerox is buying ACS in a cash and stock transaction valued at $63.11 per share or $6.4 billion as of the closing price of Xerox stock on September 25. Xerox’s $6.4 billion offer for ACS represents a 36% premium and about 15 times earnings. By comparison, Dell is paying $3.9 billion, a 68% premium, or about 30 times earnings for Perot Systems.

Xerox CEO Ursula Burns referred to the deal as a “game changer,” Read more »

Live from Canon’s Integrated Solutions Showcase in Las Vegas

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 23, 2009

Yesterday at Canon’s Integrated Solutions Showcase in Las Vegas the company announced a new product platform called imageRUNNER ADVANCE. The product line includes eight color-capable models with a top monochrome speed of 75 images per minute and a top color speed of 70 images per minute. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE models are expected to be available for customer delivery in the fourth quarter of 2009 through Canon authorized dealers and Canon Business Solutions. The top of the line imageRUNNER ADVANCE C9075 PRO has a list price of $50,000, which includes the print engine and its image reader and document feeder. I’ll be writing an analysis on this for InfoTrends in the coming days, but I thought you might like a look at the new device in two configurations.

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE at CISS in Las Vegas

Read more »

Kodak’s Pipeline of Innovation (Part 2) and Other Post-Print 09 Thoughts

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 21, 2009

I wrote about Kodak’s Pipeline of Innovation in an earlier blog before the show, but the fact of the matter is that you really had to see it to appreciate it. Once I saw it, I liked it even though I arrived as a skeptic. It’s true that the user interface needs some work and the supporting detail could be improved and expanded upon, but I thought it worked well and I believe that many who saw it there would agree. Kodak also did a good job of promoting the Pipeline of Innovation within its booth, encouraging show attendees via frequent promotions to try it out. It was important too that the Kodak employees in the booth were on board with this innovative approach, and I saw every indication that they were.

Kodak Pipeline of Innovation at Print 09

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Pitney Bowes and HP Sign Distribution Agreement for Inkjet Web Press

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 11, 2009

By now you will most likely have seen the press release about Pitney Bowes alliance with HP. In short, on Friday September 11th Pitney Bowes announced that it would enter the business of selling digital print technology through a strategic alliance with HP. Pitney Bowes said that its new IntelliJet solution would leverage HP’s Inkjet Web Press and a Pitney Bowes mail finishing system as part of a full system that also includes process control and management for capabilities like software transformations from AFP/IPDS, Metacode, and LCDS, as well as service and support capabilities that will leverage thousands of employees responsible for Pitney Bowes mailing systems. The target list price is not to exceed $4 million including the printing system, finishing, and appropriate workflow. Read more »

Print 09 Executive Outlook: Solid Ink to Enter Production Space?

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 Sep 10, 2009

This morning I had the opportunity to participate in this year’s Executive Outlook session at Print 09. The title of the session, “Technology Harnessed: Driving the Road to Recovery,” suited the conference agenda very well. With topics ranging from economic outlook to software technologies and hardware technologies to industry segment forecasts, the message was all the same: In order to succeed and recover from this recession, printers must focus on becoming marketing service providers and continue growing relationships with their customers.

Ralph Nappi, President of Graphic Arts Show Company started the day by explaining that show attendance did indeed appear to be lower than usual for this year’s show. Yet, looking around the room and speaking to several attendees I gathered a much more positive message. I noted two interesting facts
1.) Those in attendance were here for a reason and were asking very good questions.
2.) Close to 25% of Executive Outlook attendees traveled from outside of the United States to attend.

Each year the Executive Outlook session includes speakers that focus on new and existing technologies in our industry. All of the information shared was fascinating, but what I found to be the most interesting information of the day,was delivered by Xerox’s Chief Technology Officer, Sophie Vandebroek, Ph.D.In her keynote presentation, Vandebroek shared information about future Xerox technologies and showed a short video that introduced Xerox’s  current research and development initiatives focused on bringing solid ink into the production market.

Xerox has been working to develop an inkjet printing system that uses heat to transform Xerox solid ink into a liquid state and send it through an inkjet array consisting of 50-100 piezo inkjet heads. Utilizing the existing ACQS image quality scanners developed for the iGen product family, Xerox can monitor and correct, or compensate for, clogged inkjet heads. This technology is not publicly available today and Xerox has no immediate plans for a release, however today’s Executive Outlook session offered interesting insight into Xerox’s short-term research and development plans.

Please check back for more to come from the Print 09 show floor!

What’s Océ’s Ultra?

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 9, 2009

In advance of Print 09 Océ began briefing industry analysts under non-disclosure about a new product. At the same time, Océ worked to develop market interest in the new product through a web campaign showing a downhill skier in a flashy red suit speeding down the slopes. No indication was given of the type of product. The only hints were of speed, the branding (“Ultra”), and a link to a web site ( InfoTrends will be publishing an analysis timed to the product’s announcement, which will happen at Print 09. Stay tuned.

Amazon Loses Round 1 of Print-On Demand Book Lawsuit

Jim Hamilton
 Sep 2, 2009

On August 29th the U.S. District Court in Maine ruled on a motion to dismiss a class action suit brought by against BookLocker’s suit claims that Amazon violated federal anti-trust law by tying its own on-line book services with the printing services provided by BookSurge, its wholly owned subsidiary. Amazon had moved to dismiss BookLocker’s suit, but it will move forward except for one motion in its filing. This motion relates to an order “requiring full restitution of all funds acquired from Amazon’s unfair business practices, including disgorgement of revenues and/or profits.” Other parts of the motion that were allowed to move forward include “injunctive relief…enjoining Amazon from continuing or engaging in the unfair and anti-competitive activities”; “damages, penalties, and other monetary relief provided by the Clayton Act…including treble damages”; and the ability of the plaintiff to recover the costs of the lawsuit. Read more »

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