Kodak’s Print 09 Gamble: The Pipeline of Innovation

Jim Hamilton
 Aug 28, 2009

You may have heard that Kodak will not be exhibiting any print hardware in its Print 09 booth. This isn’t all that surprising given that many vendors have been cutting back on the larger scale print devices that they are bringing to trade shows. The reason is simple. The cost of bringing these large devices is higher than the marketing return on investment. These devices have a relatively small pool of potential prospects. It’s nice for the masses to see them, but “nice” isn’t a compelling reason for printing system vendors to go to the expense of transporting the devices, setting them up on the show floor, and bringing the right levels of support staff to be sure they are operating at their highest level. Read more »

Teenagers and Young Adults: They Keep Getting Younger, Don’t They?

Eve Padula
 Aug 19, 2009

Over the course of 2009, I’ve published a series of reports highlighting the digital photography behaviors of young adults under the age of 25. In some cases, my focus has even included teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17. To my mind, it doesn’t seem that long ago when I fell into the under-25 age bracket. I know I’m thirty-something now, but I still feel young. Am I really so different from these young adults that I am researching? The more data I explore about the under 25 age demographic, however, the more I am forced to face the gripping reality–we are different. Sigh.

Now, I will preface this by saying that I consider myself to be fairly young at heart. When it comes to communicating with others at a distance, I prefer texting over talking. I’m familiar with all of the social networking sites, and I use a few of them to keep in touch with friends and family. I love gadgets and consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. I’m into current music and I’m a huge online gamer. I love World of Warcraft. Okay, so now I probably sound a little geeky… but I also sound pretty young, don’t I?

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Does a Paperless School Mean a “Green” School?

Matt Swain
 Aug 18, 2009

There is a new high school in Florida that claims to have gone “green.” While they certainly have made steps to become more environmentally-friendly, the principal leads out with the fact that they will be a “paperless school.”

Here is what the printed article quotes: “It is a green school. I’m allowing the students to bring their laptops and their iPods, so we can walk the talk, in other words, so the teachers will be downloading podcasts, the students will be making podcasts, so the teachers have a one-on-one communication, not only with the students but also with the parents,” said Principal Carrie Montano.

Here is what the quote in the printed article misses, and what is captured in her video interview: “It is a paperless school, it is a green school. I’m allowing the students to…”

It brings up an interesting (and heated) discussion about what green really means. Is green the complete removal of paper? Are you more environmentally-conscious if you use a laptop, iPod, or other mobile (electricity-consuming) device in place of paper?

Find the article here: http://www4.wsvn.com/news/articles/local/MI128842/

Post-Recession Partnerships

Other Posts
 Aug 11, 2009

Walk into virtually any Barnes and Noble bookstore and chances are you’ll see a Starbucks. Head into a Stop&Shop and you can grab yourself a “medium regulah” from Dunkin Donuts and a video rental from RedBox after you’re done grocery shopping (much to the chagrin of BlockBuster Video, which is often next door). These partnerships make so much sense, we often forget the number of billable hours that go into these corporate-level contracts. The “book store” or “grocery store” experience is far too adjacent to coffee consumption and video rentals for vendors not to take notice of incremental revenue possibilities.

But partnerships in the post-recession era are about far more than incremental revenue. Read more »

Toshiba Dealer Summit

Anne Valaitis
 Aug 5, 2009

Toshiba — Committed to Your Success

InfoTrends recently attended one of two regional events for Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc.  July 28th in Jersey City, NJ. The event was a mixture of channel partners, software, supply and services vendors and analysts. Toshiba took this opportunity to discuss their company and division’s performance as well as to make some announcements regarding new initiatives regarding MPS, solutions, products and programs. Some of the announcements to come out of the meeting were:

– A new branding campaign, and redesigned website
– Product introductions — 9 new monochrome models with emphasis on ecology and security
– A multi-tiered software strategy designed to aid dealers in positioning solutions
– Additions to the software product portfolio — Prism Software’s “desk” series of products
– New partners announcements — Pharos Systems, Fasoo
– Enhancements to the Encompass MPS program — PageSmart series of options
– A newly inked agreement with HP to offer their line of printer and MFP products

Toshiba remained confident about the future of the industry and took this opportunity to once again squelch rumors of a buyout. Dealers left with assurances to the commitment level Toshiba has to its products, programs and services and of course, its channel.

Xerox updates DocuColor series

Other Posts
 Aug 3, 2009

Today Xerox announced the continuation of its DocuColor series, launching the new DocuColor 7002 Digital Press and DocuColor 8002 Digital Press. These devices will replace the current DocuColor 7000AP and 8000AP products, while the DocuColor 5000AP will continue as an active product.

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