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 Mar 30, 2009

Information Management and Printing / Publishing vendors unite! The InfoTrends team will be at AIIM / On-Demand this week, and we invite you to find us at the show or follow us online! You’ll notice we updated our blog site, so you can easily follow the latest tweets from @infotrends

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@infotrends_mps – InfoTrends’ Managed Print Services coverage

On the production print, production workflow, transpromo, and multi-channel communications side of the world:
– Adam Peck, Consultant
@bryanyeager – Bryan Yeager, Sr. Analyst

On the AIIM and ECM side of the world, you can follow me:
– Omri Duek, Sr. Analyst

If you’re on Twitter, make sure to use #aiim09 and #odexpo09 tags whenever talking about the shows.

Hope to see you in Philly!

Wal-Mart targets SMB Healthcare market with electronic health record (EHR) solution

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 Mar 13, 2009

Earlier this week, Wal-Mart announced its intentions to enter the electronic health record (EHR) marketplace. Unlike most providers in this space, Wal-Mart is attacking the smallest healthcare practices through a collaboration between its Sam’s Club division, Dell, and private software firm eClinicalWorks.

We’ve been talking quite a bit about the electronic health record (EHR) trend recently, especially in light of President Obama’s commitment to invest heavily in this area. Although Wal-Mart claims it has done work in this market in the past, there’s no doubt in my mind that the company is banking (pun intended) on big government dollars to support its effort this time around — hence, the recent PR moves. In any case, Sam’s Club’s 200,000-strong membership from healthcare providers (e.g. doctors) will certainly help in marketing this new offering. Read more »

Oce selling media converting assets to CSI

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 Mar 6, 2009

This week Oce announced that it is selling its media converting assets to Converting Solutions Inc. (CSI). Today I had an opportunity to speak with J.T. Maier, Executive Sales Director of the Wide Format Printing Systems group at oce to discuss this week’s announcement. While Maier was not able to disclose any terms of the deal, which is effective immediately, he did talk about the deal and some of Oce’s perspectives on it.

The first thing Maier pointed out was that not only does Oce believe that they will not lose anything in terms of their ability to deliver customer service, product quality, and ease-of-ordering ability, they believe that CSI’s converting ability will enable them to grow their product line with different sizes and a whole line of made-to-order products in the future. Down the road, they expect to be able to deliver products even more effectively through CSI’s distribution capacity.

In the past, Oce has been the only major wide format printer hardware manufacturer that also owned print media coating (formerly called Arkwright) and converting capabilities. There has been some positives from this, such as close working relationships down to the media development level, but by divesting these assets, Oce now has the ability to choose from a wider variety of media sources to get access to the best products available.

While Oce’s divestiture reduces the size of its workforce (nearly all of the employees that worked at Oce’s facilities now work for CSI), the company emphatically stated that it is committed to the media business, pointing out that it has recently hired additional people in the salesforce and continues to look for more good salespeople.

With the economic situation such as it is, companies are looking for ways to improve their bottom line. Shedding divisions that are non-strategic is one way to reduce a company’s overhead costs. In this case, as Maier points out, doing so also gives the company enhanced flexibility to meet customer requirements for short runs and odd sizes, and will improve the company’s ability to bring the best media products to market.

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