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 Nov 26, 2008

InfoTrends works for some of the biggest companies in the world with very diverse interests. We also work with medium sized and small companies who frequently ask us to help explore small niches of the market. The combination of different types of clients keeps us quite busy, a situation which is made more intense by the difficult economy and the breakneck pace of business. On Thursday November 27th the United States has a national Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is a time when we stop business, take a long weekend to spend time with family and friends and try to remember and appreciate the things we’re thankful for. In these busy times, with meetings, conference calls, deadlines, project check points and presentations it can be easy to forget to be thankful.


InfoTrends Thanks you for the opportunity to work with you.

Beyond Process Color Digital Printing: Approaches to Additional Colors, Special Effects, and MICR

Jim Hamilton
 Nov 24, 2008

I’ve been giving some thought to devices that offer one or more imaging stations above the typical four (for the four process colors). HP Indigo, Kodak NexPress, and Xeikon have had this capability for many years but recent announcements are expanding this capability, and, in addition, others are entering this space. The possibilities range from simple spot color use to custom colors, coatings, and magnetic image character recognition (MICR). The table below shows a brief summary of the current state of the art. This table includes only currently available products used for document applications. Another table would need to be dedicated to adequately address products in the flexible label and packaging space. Read more »

Symposium and Planning Meeting at RIT

Matt Swain
 Nov 21, 2008

The Printing Industry Center hosted its seventh annual Symposium and Planning Meeting this week at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The Symposium offers the opportunity for industry partners, RIT faculty and staff, and other interested parties to review and discuss research conducted at the Center over the previous year. This year’s research included: Read more »

Online photo sharing breaks into everyday LIFE

Carrie Sylvester

Reading a Photo District News (PDN) news feed yesterday morning, I saw that LIFE Magazine images will be available for public search and viewing on Google Images. Back in September, LIFE partnered with Getty Images to breathe (forgive the term) new life into the brand.


LIFE Images Google Landing Page

LIFE Images Google Landing Page

The new service went public this week with an estimated 2 million images. LIFE’s full historic archive of nearly 10 million images, many previously unpublished, is expected to be online by February 2009. The ability to search is being brought about through a revenue share agreement between the companies. Not to worry, Getty won’t lose money; the free sharing is for personal use rather than commercial use.

Read more »

Roland Creates New Financing Service

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 Nov 20, 2008

In a sign of the times, Roland DG has developed its own equipment financing arm that will help customers lease Roland printers priced over $5,000. The program is run in cooperation with U.S. Bank, the 6th largest commercial bank in the United States according to Roland. There is also an introductory rate of 5.9% for 48 months. A lot of companies have equipment leasing & financing arrangements in place, but this deal appears “clutch” for the wide format sign & graphics market based on the timeliness of the deal and the aggressiveness of the rate. It should certainly help Roland finish the year better than it would have without it.

“In 2 years, we won’t have laptops anymore”

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 Nov 19, 2008

Thus spoke Open Text CEO John Shackleton at the opening keynote for Open Text’s 2008 user conference, aptly named Content World. Those of you working with Open Text are likely more familiar with the “LiveLinkUp” event of the past, which was renamed this year to promote the ‘one voice, one vision’ theme. In line with this shift, I’ve found that a few product lines are moving towards a single-brand identity, with the (former) Red Dot Web content management (WCM) solution being referred to more often as WCM for LiveLink.

So maybe Mr. Shackleton is a little off in his perceived timing for this next evolution of information technology, and more than likely, this was a rhetorical statement. Then again, for those who saw InfoTrends’ President Jeff Hayes’ keynote at ODS, we all know “the cloud” and “mobile” are coming. Read more »

Compendium of Document Outsourcing Providers

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Are you looking to find a provider of document outsourcing services?  Are you confused by the market consolidation, mergers, and acquisitions?  If so, you aren’t alone.

Mergers and acquisitions have blurred the lines in terms of “who’s who” in the market and what they can deliver.  In addition, many providers have expanded their solutions beyond traditional functions such as facilities management and contract printing (on-site and off-site production).  Outsourcing providers are offering new things like marketing services, document process outsourcing (DPO), print management, and strategic sourcing solutions to name just a few.

Read more »

Observations from Pack Expo …

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 Nov 17, 2008

I was at PackExpo in Chicago last week to see first hand some of the ways digital printing is being used in the packaging market, here are a few basic observations for anyone who didn’t get there …

PackExpo is about 4 times bigger than Graph Expo in terms of the number of booths and the amount of space occupied by exhibitors. This is partly because there is a lot of big footprint equipment used in packaging environments, but there are also more exhibitors. PackExpo runs concurrently with sister shows ProcessExpo and Converting & Package Printing Expo and it takes up the entire McCormick Center. It was also well attended while I was there on Wednesday and almost everyone I talked to said “the first 2 days were much better”. Read more »

Do you have a “green” logo?

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I was watching football on NBC last night and noticed the green peacock at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Since we’ve had a few inquiries in the past few months on the ‘green’ topic, I thought I’d do a quick image search for other green corporate logos. I don’t know that all of these are intended to be “eco” logos,  of course… green might just be a soothing new color that McDonalds is trying out versus that aggressive red/yellow contrast of the past. In any case, the connection between ‘green’ and ‘nature’ (or money?) could still be the culprit for these experimentations…Do you have a logo to add?

Watch out for a detailed analysis on ‘green’ in the next month… we’re going to talk about influencers, regulations, what others are doing, and what they could and should be doing.

ODS Follow-up: Continuing our SharePoint conversations…

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 Nov 14, 2008

For those of you that attended our SharePoint keynote panel yesterday morning, I wanted to reach out and offer the opportunity to continue the conversation. Unfortunately, we ran a little bit over the allotted time and didn’t have the chance to address audience questions (nor several of my own). So that said, feel free to e-mail me directly, or post some questions/comments under this post. I’ll follow-up with our panel and post their responses here!

Based on what we heard during the keynote, it seems SharePoint could be a real disruptor for our markets and especially important as the convergence of hardware and software (and of workgroup and enterprise solutions) comes to fruition. The Microsoft ecosystem could be an ‘in’ for hardware manufacturers, workgroup ISVs, as well as enterprise ISVs to approach end-to-end solutions in a truly process-centric manner. Read more »

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